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Faribault BMX Map

South Alexander Park - 1010 7th Avenue NW
Faribault MN 55021
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Track Operator:
Chad Seitzer
(507) 317-0535
Aaron Thompson

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What the heck are all these races?

What the heck are all these races?!?


*LOCAL TRACK (Faribault BMX for example)

  1. Single Points Race - $10 per race
    1. This is your regular weekly race from riders around the area.
    2. Riders earn single points according to the BMX rule book.
    3. Points are assigned at a District Level
    4. More points earned = lower bike number next year!
  2. Silverado Landscaping Local Series - $5 onetime fee
    1. All riders eligible!
    2. The more you ride – the better your chances are!
    3. Points assigned using the State Race Expert method.
    4. 1st place = 20 points, 2nd place = 19 points, etc.
    5. Weekly prize drawings for participating riders!
  3. Race for Life
    1. Can be a single or double point race.
    2. Raises money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – last year over $258,000 was donated by USA BMX tracks.
    3. Half of your race fee is donated to the cause.
  4. Warnicke Scholarship Race
    1. Can be a single or double point race.
    2. Half of your race fee is donated to the cause.
    3. Last year, USA BMX gave out $75,000 in scholarships.
  5. Earned Double
    1. Like a Single Point Race, but double the points (also double the fees – usually $20 per race).


  1. Double or Triple Point Races (usually $20 for a double, $30 for a triple).
  2. Usually take place on Saturdays and Sundays during the summer starting in June.
  3. Ends with a State Championship Race the last weekend in August.
  4. Each track in the state holds one race.
  5. Points are a little different (see the rule book for details).
  6. Riders come from all around the state to race.
  7. You get a chance to see the other tracks (pretty cool!).
  8. Any age, any ability can race – good chance to ride against folks you don’t know to increase your skills and awesomeness and make new friends!
  9. Check out the State Race schedule and track locations on the 2016 MN Racing Schedule.






Want more information on any of these races?  Just ask one of the track volunteers!!

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