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Isanti Parkway Northwest
Isanti MN 55040
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Track Operator:
Alissa Chartrand

Josh Robinson

[email protected]

Alissa Chartrand
Johnny Goth

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MN BMX State Championship Series

The Minnesota State Championship Series consists of multi-point races that award "state" points in addition to district points. In Minnesota, because we have 10 tracks operating, riders count their best 5 scores, plus their score at the State Finals to determine their overall rankings in each age group. 

"Riders will earn points in single point races (in their home state or province) ran on or before July 15th. A maximum of eight single point scores can be counted using the point system as prepresented in Section VII, points table, C - the State/Provincial Points Table.

It is important to understand that these single point races could account for a large percentage of a rider's overall state/provincial points total - as much as four times the number of points from a SCR/PCR race (for riders with 1 track in their state or province)." - From page 35 of the USA BMX Rulebook

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