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Alissa Chartrand
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Northland Fire & Ice presented by Ride Brand

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Northland Fire & Ice Series Presented By Ride Brand

At Rum River BMX


Rum River BMX Association is proud to announce Northland Fire & Ice presented by Ride Brand. This local track points series kicks off in January and runs through the final event on December.

The idea is simple...we want to reward the riders who love racing with us.

2024 Race Dates - 

January 13, 21

February 3, 25

March 10, 30

April 6, 14

May 4, 19

June 13, 25

July 9, 25

August 1, 20

September 7, 15

October 5, 13

November 2, 17

Finals to take place December 14th


The 411:

1. There are two (2) race dates per month, they are listed online in our calendars and on the series flyer.
2. No special entry fee is required. Just racing with us on the series dates gets you in the series.
3. There are 22 possible race dates in the series. Your best 10 finishes + finals in December count towards the series championship.
4. Scoring will be based on the State Championship points table - with the series finals counting for double points. Riders must race the finals to earn series awards.
5. You must have a min of 6 races in to be eligble for an award.

Eligible Series Award Classes:

  • Expert Boys - Top 30
  • Inter/Novice - Top 30
  • All Cruisers - Top 15
  • Expert Girls - Top 15

Northland's Dash Champions:

The Northland Dash Championship Series will have a $7.00 entry fee with 100% of all entry fees for each class going towards the awards for that class. You must race class or cruiser on the race day to enter. There are no cash payouts - all awards are non-monetary.

Northland Dash Series Award Classes:

  • Northland's Fire & Ice Senior Dog Dash Champion - 40+ year old men's novice, intermediate or expert rider
  • Northland's Fire & Ice Big Dog Dash Champion - 13-39 year old boy intermediate or expert rider
  • Northland's Fire & Ice Jr. Dog Dash Champion - 12 year old and under boy intermediate or expert rider
  • Northland's Fire & Ice Senior Ladies Champion - 30+ year old women's novice, intermediate or expert rider
  • Northland's Fire & Ice Ladies Dash Champion - 13-29 year old girl intermediate or expert rider 
  • Northland's Fire & Ice Ladies Jr Dash Champion - 12 year old and under girl intermediate or expert rider

Tie Breakers:

Fire & Ice Tie Breaker Rules:
In the event of a tie in final points in any group, the tie will be broken as follows:
1. Higher proficiency (applies to 20" class only).
2. Best finish at the Fire & Ice final event.
3.  Most 1sts, if tied, then 2nds, if tied, then 3rds, etc. 
4. Total number of riders in class at the Fire & Ice finals.
5. Order of transfer from motos. If a total points race, the finish order shall be used as the transfer order for that rider.
6. Most number of Fire & Ice qualifiers competed in.
7. If there is still a tie, cards will be drawn to determine a winner.
In the event a Fire & Ice Final can not be run, rules 1, 3, 6, and 7 will break ties.

Team Roster Rules can be found in the PDF listed below.

Series standings -

Riders listed with their number of races in green have the 6 minimum races in. Don’t forget! Series awards are based on your top 10 finishes in combination with double points for the finals.