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Steel Wheels Indoor BMX Map

709 N Hobart Rd
Hobart IN 46350
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Track Operator:
Jackie Altizer
[email protected]

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MANAGEMENT STAFF  -   Helps in planning, making track relevant decisions, assists in the event to event activities, Helps to maintain and develop the program and activities at both tracks   This is a KEY person – who by serving on staff is entrusted with access to facilities at any time.  Requires a commitment to the BMX program on a continued basis and is asked to volunteer for a minimum of one year.  Must undergo a background check and have consensus of existing management staff

PRACTICE SIGNUPS – Available on practice nights to sign in riders, collect fees, process memberships.  Computer knowledge helps- but will easily train.

REGISTRATION/SIGNUPS  - Available on race day to register riders, process memberships, collect fees, and other miscellaneous duties that accompany the registration counter.  Must  have knowledge of USABMX rules and membership options,  have some computer abilities and be willing to help on raceday.

BEGINNER LEAGUE HELPERS - coach, assistant coach, jr. coach and helpers staff and manage our beginner league program.  It runs for 5 week sessions during the entire racing season (both indoor and outdoor) and help is always needed in many areas from concessions to bike assistance to track helpers. We will show you what to do!

TRACK OFFICIALS - there are many components to making the race/practice happen.  Track officials maintain the track during the race, observe the riders and assist where needed.  A basic knowledge of the USABMX rulebook is needed - and a willingness to work the entire event from start to finish.

TRACK MAINTENANCE - sweeping, smoothing, patching, watering - This is a key volunteer area as the track always needs ongoing maintenance to keep the surface race ready.

BUILDING MAINTENANCE - also ongoing - sweeping the track perimieter, empty trash barrels, general cleanup, along with routine mechanical and electrical maintenance.  If you are a handy person - skilled tradesperson in any field - we can use your expertise from time to time.  Everything from basic construction to heating systems has a place!

EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE - the gate box, sound equipment, furnances, fans, heaters, air compressors, concession equipment, etc.  These items also have times when they need a little "love" from the knowlegable,

CONCESSIONS - Helpng during our race and practice events within the concession stand is ALWAYS needed - ESPECIALLY DURING THE LARGER SPECIAL EVENTS.  If you like to help people, can put a hot dog on a bun or pour a cup of coffee - YOU can help.  Concessions is one of the MOST important jobs at the track as the extra revenue generated from sales helps with the operational expenses.

SPECIAL EVENT WEEKENDS - Periodic help during our special events with 50/50; tshirt sales; raffles; parking lot help, clean up; trophy prep, pit prep... lots and lots of miscellaneous places to lend a hand - a chance to jump in and help on an event by event basis

HOUSEKEEPING – Cleans concessions, registration and bathrooms on a weekly basis.  Can be at your availability.

Each position comes with additional benefits and perks based on the position