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1701 E McKinley Ave
Des Moines IA 50320
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Track Operator:
Casey Welty
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BMX Track Points Series


We are thrilled to announce the 2024 Track Points Series, where you'll have the chance to earn points and compete to be the best 80/35 riders.

This is a points competition for all 80/35 riders and points are earned at 80/35 races. And the best part? The top 5 riders in balance bikes, boys, girls, boys cruiser, and girls cruiser will be taking home special season-end awards! 

Let’s see who has what it takes to come out on top at 80/35 BMX this season!

2024 80/35 BMX Track Points Series Rules:

  1. Points will be scored for each race held at 80/35 BMX during the 2024 season.
  2. Points will be awarded for the following categories:
    1. ​Balance Bike​​
    2. Boys
    3. Girls
    4. Boys Cruiser
    5. Girls Cruiser
  3. Points will be awarded based on the main moto finish using the table below:
    1. Novice / Balance Bike Intermediate

      Expert / Girl

      Expert / Cruiser

      1st 18 points 1st 19 points 1st 20 points
      2nd 17 points 2nd 18 points 2nd 19 points
      3rd 16 points 3rd 17 points 3rd 18 points
      4th 15 points 4th 16 points 4th 17 points
      5th 14 points 5th 15 points 5th 16 points
      6th 13 points 6th 14 points 6th 15 points
      7th 12 points 7th 13 points 7th 14 points
      8th 11 points 8th 12 points 8th 13 points
      DNQ 10 points DNQ 10 points DNQ 10 points
  4. There are no rider points or bonus points added.
  5. Points are earned according to the district multiplier for each race. For example, regular weekly single point races will count as listed in the table but double point and triple point special races will be multiplied for the track series.
  6. Riders will earn track points based on their proficiency at each individual race.
  7. Riders must list 80/35 BMX as their home track to be eligible for track series points.
  8. Season end awards will be given to the top 5 riders in each category.