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1701 E McKinley Ave
Des Moines IA 50320
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Track Operator:
Casey Welty
[email protected]

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100% Volunteers

80/35 BMX is open because of VOLUNTEERS! That's right! Your local track is 100% run and operated through volunteers - we have NO paid employees. Volunteers like you create and maintain everything from the registration to the ads you see.  We are always looking for individuals willing to pitch in and help out in a way that uses their skills to the best. We will train onsite for all positions. As a thank you to all of our volunteers, we offer an incentive program to earn free races!

Volunteer Positions

  • Track Maintenance

    – Everything from picking up a rake to driving a skid steer, working with others to develop and maintain the race track, staging, and spectator areas.
  • Registration

    – Check-in riders, process memberships, collect fees, and other miscellaneous duties that accompany the registration counter.  Must have some computer abilities and be willing to help on race day. It's a great way to get to know everyone at the track.
  • Concessions & Merchandise

    – An exciting place to hang out. If you enjoy helping others this is for you!  Complete purchase transactions, fill orders with cold drinks and tasty treats. Helping during our race and practice events within the concession stand is ALWAYS needed - ESPECIALLY DURING LARGE EVENTS.  Concessions is one of the MOST important jobs at the track as the extra revenue generated from sales helps with the operational expenses.
  • Announcer

    – Announce the race, create nicknames, and have a blast - just please don’t swear!
  • Corner Track Official

    – See the action up close as you stand guard on the corners. If there is a crash, you assist. Willing to work the entire event from start to finish.
  • Gate Operator

    – Hang out and push buttons. Control the speed of the race while monitoring what’s happening on the track.
  • Scoring Official

    – A great spot for serious volunteers! Keep a close watch and mark the racer’s placement at the finish line. A basic knowledge of the USABMX rulebook and a willingness to work the entire event is needed.
  • Staging

    – A chance to hang out within the buzz of excitement as you call out the staging instructions for our riders.
  • Beginner League Helpers

    – (Staff and manage our beginner league program, which runs for 5 weeks. Help is always needed in many areas from concessions to bike assistance to track helpers. We will show you what to do!
  • Special Event Weekends

    – Periodic help during our special events with 50/50; t-shirt sales; raffles; clean up; trophy prep... lots and lots of miscellaneous places to lend a hand - a chance to jump in and help on an event-by-event basis.
  • Board of Directors

    – The Board shapes the future of 80/35 BMX and serves in 2 year terms. This is a KEY person – if you are interested in being a visionary, making track decisions, and assist in the event to event activities. Requires a commitment to the BMX program on a continued basis.

To learn more about volunteering, come and see us at concessions or talk to one of the many volunteers at the track.



2024 80/35 BMX Volunteer Incentive Program

Volunteer Role Points per Event
Announcer 3
Scoring Official (up to 3) 2
Registration 2
Concessions (need 2) 2
Staging (up to 3) 2
Gate Operator (must be 18+) 2
Sell 50/50 tickets 2
Track Official (need 3 corners) 1
Hand out place cards at finsih line 1
Hand out Awards 1
Beginner League Volunteer 2
Work Day (each 2 hours) 2

And what do you get for volunteering???

For every 10 points you earn, you will get a FREE single-point race!

Each volunteer will be given a punch card which will keep track of the points you earn.