ATTENTION Balance Bike Racers! Here’s your chance to win a brand new pedal bike!


Announcing 80/35’s BMX’s Balance Bike Series!


When: Race nights from June 7, 2022 – July 19, 2022.

The race dates and starting times are listed below. Practice for balance bikes will begin 15 min prior.

June 7 - 7pm

June 14 - 7pm

June 21 - 7pm

June 28 - 7pm

July 5 - 7pm

July 15 - 7pm

July 16 - 4pm

July 17 - 12pm

July 19 - 7pm


All 2-5 year old’s welcome.

All qualified balance bike riders who attend the races are entered in the series.


End of Series Prizes:

· 1st place: New mini pedal bike!

· 2nd place: Custom 80/35 jersey and number plate

· 3rd place: Custom 80/35 number plate


Price: $5 per race 



Rider must be between the ages of 2-5 years old (riders already racing a pedal bike are not included in this series)

Rider must use a manufactured no-pedal two wheel bike - WE HAVE LOANERS AVAILABLE!

Riders need to wear a helmet, long sleeves and pants (or knee and elbow pads), and closed toe shoes.

Valid USA BMX balance bike membership (available at registration or at Only riders with a balance bike membership are eligible for series awards.

One day free memberships are available to come try it out!

Riders will earn points based on the USA BMX amateur district points.

Top 7 finishes count towards final points.

Rider must attend 4 series events to qualify for awards.

Points earned during a one-day free membership trial will be earned once a balance bike membership is current.


Points are as follows for each race:

1st: 25

2nd: 20

3rd: 15

4th: 12

5th: 10

6th: 7

7th: 5

8th: 3

All riders will receive one point for each rider in their class.


Standings will be posted in the 80/35 BMX Facebook group at least every 2 weeks.

Concerns regarding points for a single race need to be brought to the attention of the Track Operator within 1 week of the race in question.