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Oak Mountain State Park
Pelham AL 35043
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Track Operator:
Marshall Mooney
Taylor Atchley
[email protected]

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How to get Started in BMX RACING with USA BMX (10/2013)   Oak Mountain BMX Association is operated under the sanction of the USA BMX, adheres to their guidance, and rules in all ways.   ELIGIBILITY:    Any person who can ride a bicycle is eligible to compete in events held at this track. Eligible persons must first be licensed by USA BMX.   MEMBERSHIP: You must obtain a membership licenses issued by our sanctioning body, USA BMX, by completing an application that is available in our tracks Registration Building.  The membership licensing fees is $60.00 per year.  A first time applicants have 3 options, 1) Full 1 year Membership at $60.00, 2) 30-Day Trial membership, which cost $30.00 and can be converted to a Full membership by paying an additional $35.00 before the trial period expires, 3) if your still not sure we can offer a ONE-Day membership FREE to new riders only.  Membership Licenses expire one year from the date of application and must be renewed for continued participation. Your USA BMX membership license will be accepted at any USA BMX sanctioned track.  Also, rider will need proof of age.  This can be done with a COPY of the rider’s birth certificate or driver’s license, if applicable.  Please bring the proof age with you to the track.  Remember you can sign-up and race on the same day.   LOCAL RACE FEES:    In addition to the membership license fees, Oak Mountain BMX collects participation fees from all riders.  Race entry fee is $10.00.  The fees collected locally are used for track maintenance and development, USA BMX fees and insurance, rider awards and year end banquet with volunteer and rider recognition awards.  Note: State Championship, Qualifiers, multi-point race events fees are noted on our race schedule.   EQUIPMENT NEEDS:   The following safety equipment is recommended:

  • A full-face helmet in good condition, manufactured to meet or exceed recognized bicycle safety standards.  All helmets must be equipped with a chinstrap, which must be properly secured when the helmet is in use. (Riders may rent full face helmets for $1.00 at the track)
  • Long sleeve shirt and Long pants made of a tear-resistant material (jeans) must be worn with loose pant legs wrapped, tied or clipped.  Sweat pants are not suitable.
  • Shoes must have soles soft enough to grip a BMX style pedal.
  • Bicycle – 20” may be used in all classes except for 24” cruiser class. (All bicycles must be in good condition, without cracked frames, bald tires, loose or missing spokes, broken pedals, loose chains or other obvious defects.  Chain guards, kickstands, pegs and all reflectors must be removed. Bicycles must be equipped with a number plate, and have an operable brake on the rear wheel.
  • Optional equipment:  Knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, socks, and pads on the bicycle’s top tube, the handlebar crossbar and the stem by which the bars are connected to the fork.

CLASSES:        A person may apply for a membership license at a proficiency level at or above that which he has previously raced either as part of the USA BMX or under another recognized sanction.  Proficiency levels from the lowest to the highest are as follows: For Young Boys & Girls: Strider for ages 2 ys old to 5 yrs old. For Boys: 20” – Novice, Intermediate, Expert, A-Pro, and AA-Pro. For Boys: 24” – Cruiser and Pro-Cruiser For Girls: 20” – Girls, Pro-Girls & 24” – Girls Cruiser