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Oak Mountain BMX Map

Oak Mountain State Park
Pelham AL 35043
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Track Operator:
Jay Gortney
Richard Bowman

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Coaching - New Rider Clinics

Level 1:
A) Gates: Introduction of Gate starts
           How to get gate assignment off a moto sheet (For young riders, talk with  parents)
           Proper bike set up
           Balancing sitting
           Standing
B) Rhythm Section: Introduction of Rhythm section
           Proper way to pedal through
           Pumping technique
C) Turns: Introduction to Turns
           Correct line through turn
D) Jumping: Introduction to jumping
           How to boost
Level 2:
A) Gates
           Proper body position
           Introduction to gate snap
B) Rhythm Section
           Proper pumping
           Introduction to manualing
C) Turns:
           Proper lines through turns
           Introduction to passing lines.
D) Jumping:
           Further instructions on boosting
           Introduction to speed jumping (staying low while jumping)
Level 3:
A) Gates:
           Body position tuning
           Further instruction on gate snap
B) Rhythm Section:
           Further instructions on manualing
           Working on personal rhythm (when to pump/manual)
           Introduction to double manual.
C) Turns:
           Further passing knowledge in turns (when to use different passing lines)
D) Jumping: (Further speed jumping technique)
           Introduction to tap manualing
           Tap manualing vs. jumping

You have to finish the first level to move on to the next level.

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