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BMX Race - FAQ


What is the length of the BMX track, height of jumps, number of jumps, etc?  

The total length of the amateur track is #,### feet, and the pro length is #,### feet.  The height of the various jumps is not statistically known.  Total time for a race is anywhere from 30 to 59 seconds. Riders compete in a total points style format consisting of 3 rounds: 2 motos and the 1 main event. 

How tall is the starting hill?

The start hill is appox.# meters tall.

Do you have to use the start hill and gate to ride on the track? 

No.  The amateur start hill is not a requirement for those who are new to the sport of BMX.  It’s available to experienced riders during open practice if they have the proper skill level and equipment.  



How do I get started with BMX?

New riders can attend a FREE clinic to try the track. These times are a great time for new riders to gain the skills and confidence to try the gat and ride down the start hill.  Also our practice nights are great nights to come and ride the track.

Is there a certification process? 

No.  Although there is not a certification process for riders, riders do need to acquire a certain level of proficiency and skill before we recommend them for open practice or racing.  In addition to the programs mentioned earlier, private coaching sessions, taught by certified coaches, are offered.

My child has never ridden BMX before.  When can we come to see if he/she likes it?

USA BMX and SPBMX offers a FREE ONE DAY memberships. This allows riders to get out on the track to see what they think. We also offer loaner bikes and helmets. There are a limited number of bikes available to use during the “try the track” each night but participants can also bring their own bikes and helmets to use. Personal bikes must be free of chain guards, kick stands, reflectors and pegs. 

How old should you be to get started? 

We have had children as young as 1 ride the balance bike track on a pedal-less bike also referred to as a push bike. Participants as young as 2 years old can begin racing on the track if they have the proper equipment and skill level.

What is a balance bike?

A balance bike is a bike without pedals and a classification of a young rider usually between the ages of 2 and 5 who have not yet mastered pedaling a bike but wants to try the track or pump track.

Are there programs and/or races for balance bikes?

 Yes on Wednesday nights, we always offer balance bike racing on the blance bike track. 

What is appropriate clothing to ride BMX?  

A helmet, long sleeve shirt and pants and closed toe shoes are required to ride on the BMX track. 



What kind of bike and helmet is required for BMX? 

A full face helmet is recommended for riders who participate in open practice and or racing.

Can I bring my own bike?  Does it need to meet certain guidelines?

You can bring you own bike and our staff will inspect it prior the your rider riding the track.  Your Bike MUST NOT have a kickstand and any foot pegs, chain guards, and have the reflectors removed.  A limited number of loaner bikes and helmets are available on a first come first serve basis for rent.  Not all BMX bikes are suitable for riding on the track, so feel free to contact the BMX staff or a local bike shop for advice before you buy a bike. The board and volunteers at the track are happy to inspect your bike and provide feedback on what type of bike you will need to safely participate in BMX riding and racing. SPBMX does reserve the right to disqualify a bike from being on the track if it is unsafe.



When are local races?  How/where do I register?

PRACTICE NIGHTS - Monday evenings, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm $3

RACE NIGHTS - Wednesday evenings with registration and practice from 6:00 - 7:00 pm with racing asap after registration closes and no later than a 7:30 pm start. $

Check our website and Facebook pages for local race schedules and specific registration information. 

All riders MUST register prior to riding on the track. 


How much does it costt?

Practice is $5 for amateurs and FREE for balance bikes

Racing is $10 for class or cruiser. $5 for Balance Bikes.

Awards are given to the main event finishers in each classification. 

Race classifications are broken down by age and skill level.  The three main classifications are novice, intermediate, and expert with age groups in each classification. 

Who can participate? 

Participants interested in racing must become a member of USA BMX so they can track their results and points through a national data base.   Anyone who is 2 years old and up, and has a USA BMX membership and has the skills and confidence is allowed to race. 

Can I register/renew with USA BMX at the track?

Yes, our staff will be happy to assist you with renewing or purchasing a new USA BMX membership upon your visit. We accept cash and all major credit cards.  Or you can visit for information on becoming a USA BMX member.  Memberships range $30 for Strider Racers to $60 for Full Membership Annually.

Will there be an opportunity for track memberships so I don’t have to pay each time to practice?

Yes, we offer a "season pass" and discount programs that can be purchased at the registration trailer.



Where can I find out more about the sport of BMX?

USABMX.COM is a great resource to learn more about the sport of BMX.   USA BMX is the domestic sanctioning body for the sport of BMX, and they work with local tracks to offer programs and racing at the local, regional, and national level, based on a points system.