The First 10 Weeks Training program is a series of sessions designed to give the brand new "Novice" level rider more confidence on the track.  The program is a series of ten 1-hour sessions each focusing on one important skill needed to be a competative BMX racer.

The first two sessions, Intro to BMX I & 2 are offered each week on an alternating schedule and are free to USA BMX Novice proficiency riders. It is recommended that those who have never raced, complete these two sessions before attemping the one of the eight skill specific sessions.  One skill specific session is offered each week. The skill sessions can be purchased at the track.  The cost is $80 per block of 4 sessions. A rider can take the skill specific sessions in any order.  We schedule these clinics for the Mondays when Palm Beach County Schools are in SESSION. Please double check Facebook or Check our Schedule for dates and times.

Below you will find a brief outline of each session. For more detailed information about the First 10 Weeks program and the Coach click here.

Introduction to BMX I

  • Bike fit and maintenance
  • Safety equipment and proper fit
  • Basic pedaling / pedals level work off the track
  • Intro to the track, obstacle names, basic pumping and free ride
  • Balancing on the gate

Introduction to BMX II

  • How a race works / reading the moto sheets
  • Local BMX rules and programs / USA BMX programs
  • Bunny hopping and setting a foundation
  • Basic turns
  • Pump laps

Gate Starts

  • Check List-Every time the rider gets in the gate
  • Position
    • Tall
    • Centered
    • Focused
  • Motion
    • When the gate drops
  • Follow through
    • Thinking about pedals
  • Importance
  • Strength vs. efficiency
  • Energy systems


  • Understanding that pumping is how we stay smooth over jumps and through rhythms.
  • Understanding that pumping is the foundation for all other skills.
  • Understanding that aggressive pumping can greatly increase track speed without the use of pedaling.


  • Understanding what manuling means and how it can be used in the riders’ favor
  • Manualing is a form of pumping
  • Basic movements required to manual
  • Manualing can be practiced at home


  • Jumping is the root of what makes BMX awesome
  • It’s not always faster to jump
  • Some jumps you have to jump to be competitive, and if you can’t jump, you can’t be competitive
  • The importance of getting and keeping your shoulders up when learning.
  • How to safely progress


  • Speed should always be considered throughout the turn
  • Why eyes up is most important
  • Aggressiveness is the answer
  • Awarenessof different lines
  • Pedal placement to ensure safe passage throughout the turn

Pack Skills

  • Stability and confidence around other racers
  • Heads up riding
  • Working as a team to learn
  • Understanding how to ride comfortably in a turn during a race format
  • Comfort and confidence around other riders

Basic Training for BMX at Home

  • Nutrition
  • Sprints
    • Block Sprints
    • Rolling Sprints
    • Flying Sprints
  • Home calisthenics workouts
  • The importance of rest and recovery
  • Schoolwork always comes first
  • Basic core strength work

Using the Track for Training

  • Three energy systems, how they relate to BMX, how to practice to utilize them