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800 Derby Downs Drive
Akron OH 44306
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Track Operator:
Joe Legnasky
[email protected]

Joe Legnasky

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History of Akron BMX

Akron BMX is a great place where families can enjoy the sport of BMX as a recreational competition sport for all ages.  It has always been a great facility that helps to develop the character and skills of many of its athletes.  Many Akron riders have gone on to become some of the fastest riders in the state of Ohio, the nation, and around the world.  Since 2008, when BMX became an Olympic Event, many Akron riders train and aspire to be future Olympians.

The organization was founded in 1981, as Stow BMX, and incorporated as a non profit (501C3) youth sport organization in Stow, Ohio. It quickly became a first class BMX facility that started a long and proud history.  After the 1984 season, the track was demolished to build Stow High School.   The volunteer association partnered with the City of Akron, and in 1985 Akron BMX opened at our current location. The organization took on the name of Akron Derby Downs BMX and then later simplified the name to Akron BMX

As an NBL (National Bicycle League) sanctioned track, from the 1980's until 2010, Akron BMX was host to many great Local, State, Regional and National Events. After the merger of the NBL and the ABA (American Bicycle Association), that unified BMX into one sanction, it became USA/BMX.  Under the new USA/BMX banner, Akron BMX continued to host first class events year after year.  Every year Akron BMX hosts over 30 events including the annual Ohio State Race Qualifier. Other recent major events include the Redline Qualifier in 2012, Gold Cup Qualifier in 2020, the Ohio State Championship Final since 2014, the 2015 and 2018 USA/BMX Buckeye National, 2022 Stars & Stripes Pro National and 2020 Gold Cup Final. In 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020,2021 and 2022 Akron BMX was recognized, for the success of their program, as a Top 10 East USA/BMX track.

The organization celebrates over 40 years, with a long storied history that Akron BMX continues to build on.  The success of Akron BMX is credited to the dedication of our families, volunteers and riders.

Akron BMX mission and vision continues to:

Grow the Sport

Invest in the Track

Make it fun

In 2012, Akron BMX opened the Akron BMX museum. Make sure you stop by to see how the sport of BMX has evolved, and the role Akron BMX played in the evolution.











In 2012 Akron BMX added the Akron BMX Museum.  Dedicated during Akron's first  Vintage Show, Race and Swap Meet on May 27th 2012.  The museum is a tribute to all of the racers and families, past and present, that make up the sport of BMX racing.  Akron BMX has a rich history with some families in their second or third generation of BMX.

Make it point to visit the museum, located in the Rental Building, and relive the history of the sport.