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First 10 Weeks Program

*Safety is our priority - If you or your child are approached by an individual claiming to be a coach that does not have a USA BMX Coaching License, please contact the coaching department at  These individuals may not have received background checks, First Aid/CPR certifications or proper training.

Coaching Program

Over the past few years we have brainstormed on how we can better serve the riders of the Rapid City and surrounding areas and believe the new implantation of our coaching program will do just that! In the off- season we achieved a certified coaching program sanctioned through USA BMX, to allow us to structure and grow practice sessions. As an active member of USA BMX and Rapid City BMX we will be offering one hour of coached practice sessions working on specific areas of growth in BMX. This is a FREE benefit of being a member of the sport!! These are skills that any rider, any age will be able to utilize at any facility!

The Coaching Program is season program focused on new riders and rider development to systematically guide them through setting goals, learning new skills, and giving them the guidance and confidence to stay in the sport while having fun.

The first 10 weeks of the Program will start with the Basics;

      ♦ Pedaling, balancing on the gate, intro to the track

      ♦ Obstacles, and pumping.

      ♦  Bike fit and maintenance.

     ♦  Basic turn work

     ♦  Bunny hopping

     ♦  Gate starts

     ♦  Manualing

     ♦  Jumping

     ♦  Pack skills

     ♦  Training, sprints and calisthenics for youth.

Advanced riders can take advantage of the continuing “Skills Practices” through the summer and work on specific skills. We also hope to have touring professional coaches stopping by the track to do specialized Clinics with the riders.  These will be posted at the track, on our Facebook page and our website.

We will continue to motivate and support each rider at their level building confidence and growth on the track.

What is the First 10 Weeks Program?

F10W poster

The First 10 Weeks program is designed to take a new rider from the sidewalk to the podium.  A USA BMX Licensed Coach will guide each rider through 10 individual lessons that will increase confidence, skills, speed and safety on the track.  While in the First 10 Weeks Program, a coach will be able to give you feedback on your races and practices and help to tailor your experience to your needs.


When can I start?

You are able to start the First 10 Weeks Program at any time.  The first clinic(s) in the series are known as Intro to BMX and get you ready to practice on your own and prepare you to start at any point in the cycle of the First 10 Week Program


How can I sign up?

Head up to the registration window and ask for information regarding your local coach and programs. We offer the ability to purchase a package which includes a membership, coaching and racing session all in one, just like you would for any other sport.  

Sign-Up to Become a Volunteer!

We need your help! Successful BMX programs are the result of a strong volunteer base. Be a part of something special and help make a difference in the lives of the kids & families at your local track.

Please choose one or more volunteer positions: