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626 E Fairmont Blvd
Rapid City SD 57701
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Track Operator Jamie Muth

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Track Rules, Policies and Etiquette

All riders are expected to comply with Rapid City BMX and USA BMX racing rules and regulations.

Violation of these rules will result in disqualification for that day’s event.  Continued violation of these rules and regulations will result in a rider being considered for suspension.  Rapid City BMX Board of Directors will review this consideration.  A majority vote will be needed to enforce suspension.  The length of suspension will be determined at the time of review.

1.      Every rider and their equipment must meet USA BMX regulations. No exceptions.

2.      Every rider must sign in or register prior to entering the track for every practice and/or race. 

3.      All riders will be a USA BMX Member, whether a 1 day trial or annual member.

4.      No stopping on the track anywhere at any time.  This is a hazard for other riders. The only exception is during a

         supervised practice or clinic.

5.      No riding the track in reverse layout.

6.      All riders must have a clearly numbered race plate on their bike.  New riders can get one at registration.

         Important reminder about plate numbers: A rider’s current earned or sanction issued number must appear on that rider’s number               plate during all races. Examples of earned numbers include district, state, national age group, national, gold cup, race of                             champions, pro numbers, etc. – these numbers change every year and represent each rider’s hard work at earning their ranking.               Your sanction issued number is generally the last three digits of your serial number. (See pages 18-20 of the rule book for additional           details).If you are not running your sanction issued number, you need to update your plate each year with an earned number -                     running an outdated earned number is not permissible. We will be enforcing this rule at all Rapid City BMX events. If you need to               update your plate, please do so before your next event, as the track does not have that information. If you would like to check your             district ranking, please visit the USA BMX website

7.      Please walk your bike in spectator and staging areas. No bikes in moto posting areas.

8.      Only staff and riders are allowed in the track area.  If a rider is down, allow Track Marshals to aid the rider and

         make a determination if medical personnel or parents are needed.

9.      No profanity or “unsportsman-like” conduct is allowed.  This applies to riders, parents, and sponsors.  Throwing

         equipment will not be tolerated.  Be Respectful to all.

10.  The sanctioned event is considered over when the last moto in the main event crosses the finish line, unless

       otherwise specified by Rapid City BMX track officials.

11.  Moto corrections will be limited.  It is up to you to make sure that the information on the moto sheets is correct. 

       Corrections should be reported to sign-in’s within 5 minutes of moto’s being posted.  If you move up a class, it

       is the riders responsibility to report this to sign-in’s. 

12.  The Head Track Official will have the final decision on all calls.  He/She has the authority to disqualify any rider

        from a moto or an entire race.  Suspension from future participation for a period of time at Rapid City BMX will

        be made by the Board of Directors.  

13.  A rider may protest a race after they finish the race and cross the finish line.  The protest must be made by the rider

       ASAP and within 10 motos of the finish of their race to the Head Track Official.  Results are considered final after 10

       motos have run.

14.  Helmets are required - ALWAYS - while on the track.

15.  ABSOLUTELY NO RIDING the track when muddy or wet.

​16.  There is No smoking, alcohol or animals allowed within the fenced track facility area.

Other Policies:

·         No kick stands or axle pegs allowed

·         Helmets required – ALWAYS

·         Long sleeve shirt and long pants or elbow pads and knee pads are required for race and race practice.

​          Additional rules, policies and regulations can be found in the USA BMX Rulebook.  All information in this section

          is subject to change without notice.

·         And most of all......Have FUN !!

Thank You

Rapid City BMX Board of Directors

[email protected]