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Girl Cruiser Rules Revert Back to 2012 Rules

Filed under General on February 06, 2013 | Comment(s)

After careful consideration, the rules committee has made the decision to go back to the 2012 rules governing the Girls Cruiser classes immediately. 

The 2012 rules regarding Girl Cruiser are:

1. Classes will be created according to the following process:
  • Class creation will start at 10 & Under and build up in an effort to form legal classes (defined as three or more riders); the move up process will stop at the 26-30 group. Any 26-30 riders without a legal class will be put in a hold. (Classes 31 and above are considered to be protected from younger riders moving up, except any remaining cruiser riders will move up into an older, protected class.)
  • At this point, starting at the 51 & Over Girl Cruiser group, begin checking riders DOWN with the purpose of creating legal classes. Continue combining groups working down to 21-25 Cruiser. If younger riders remain without a legal class, they will move up in age to the last legal group that formed.

2. When a class is formed, that class is labeled with the title of the group in which it was formed.


3. A Girl Cruiser rider will only move into the male Cruiser class of their corresponding age if there are not enough riders to form a legal class within the entire Girl Cruiser spectrum.


4. All Girl Cruiser riders must compete in their correct age class. Racing out of class will result in forfeiture of points and possible suspension. 


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