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Rule book

USA BMX and BMX Canada were formed to provide organized racing and give national prominence to the sport of BMX. The staff of each track is committed to operating under the Sanctions guidelines to ensure those goals. It is, however, the riders and his/her parent’s responsibility to understand and follow racing

With these ideals in mind, the only requirements needed to excel are skill and determination.

Revised 1/9/2014

Download the 2014 USA BMX rule book

Download Strider rules.


Below are some of the rule changes for 2014. All areas of change are highlighted in grey in the current rulebok.

New mens classes

We’ve added 46 & Over Novice, Intermediate & Expert for the mens 20” classes. That means 41-45 becomes a class, with 46 & Over being the oldest class of the day.

New womens cruiser class 

For the Women Cruisers, we’ve added 56 & Over which means 51-55 is now a class with 56 & Over being the oldest class of the day.

 New moveup rules for older amateurs

For the move-up rules, we are going to adjust the older Experts to check 2 years within Expert to find a legal class and the 46 & Over Experts will skip over the 46 & Over Intermediate class when moving backwards to find a legal class. The intent is to keep Experts racing Experts and out of the Intermediate classes.

 Protection for 31 & Over Women

Also with the move-up rules, we will protect 31 & Over Women (20” class) from having younger 21-25 or 26-30 Women moving into their class. Those leftover 21-25 or 26-30 Women will check back to 17-20 to find a legal class before violating that “protection”.

 New rule for staging

We’ve changed the wording on parents going through staging to read that parents of riders 9 years of age and older must exit the staging area upon exiting the chutes. This will keep those parents from going up the back of the starting hill.

Change in title wins for moveups

The number of national or title wins for Novices to advance to Intermediate has been reduced to 3 (previously it was 5). It will remain 5 for Intermediates. This should get some of the Novice sandbaggers at nationals moved into the appropriate 20” class sooner.

Novices and clips

The rule regarding Novices and clipless pedals has been re-worded to explain that it is REGARDLESS of the class they end up racing that day. In addition, it explains that ANY type of pedal that binds their foot to the pedal (toe straps, magnets, duct tape, etc) is prohibited.  Novices are simply not allowed to be bound to their pedals.

Revision to the state series rules 

The State/Provincial Championship Series undergoes a change in that the single point races will not be required. Instead, we will incentivize riders to participate in single point races by offering 1 “bonus state point” for every 2 single point races on or before July 15th, 2014 to max out at 4 bonus points. This should allow more brand-new riders to get into the State/Provincial Series the first year they start. And, the 8 single pointers by July 15th is essentially the same as in 2013 in terms of the timeframe and wanting to “max out” your state points heading into the Finals.

Revision to the national series rules 

Amateurs: A riders six (6) best national finishes plus their Grand National finish will count toward an overall national ranking.  The Grands is not required, however being a double point race, it certainly improves a riders chances of earning a year-end ranking.


Each year, the Rules Committee meets to review current programs and rules, and considers all of the new-rule proposals that are put forth by track operators and members. Much thought is put in to these changes, in order to maintain fair competition and to maintain rider retention.