Hi everyone.

This is my first post, so I though it might be a good idea to explain why we have joined and why the pictures show why British jerseys are being worn!

Molly (6) is a dual US/British citizen who was born in Virginia whilst we lived there as part of a British military contingent.

She has raced BMX for the last couple of years here in the UK, but new rulings from British Cycling, who oversee all aspects of competitive cycling in the UK, mean that she might not be able to compete in any further UCI World Championship events until she turns 13!

She travelled with her sister and I as part of Team GB this past summer to Belgium and loved it!

In light of this, we are looking at possibly joining USABMX so her dreams of competiting at the highest level could still be a reality.

Her older sister is also affected by the BC ruling, but as she is a solely British citizen, the option of joining USABMX is not open to her.

Anyway, please feel free to get in touch with any thoughts or advice, Molly and her sister Ellie (9) would love to correspond with other US based racers (via their parents of course!) so feel free to say hi!


Chris, Ellie and Molly Taylor.