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P. J. Baker
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Jeffrey Jones

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Qualifier Triple

May 23, 2020

  • Registration Begins: 2:00 PM
  • Registration Ends: 4:00 PM
  • Race Time: ASAP
  • Entry Fee: $35.00 USD
  • Description:

    Pre sign

    We have the green light to hold the 800 point weekend. May 22-24. Please stay tuned for more info of guidelines we will have to follow due to COVID19. SSBMX team is working on online registration.

    The following will be implemented on race day: May 22-24
    This is an exemption for this weekend only to race.
    We are thinking regular races and practice will resume June 1 2020 and these our the guidelines we will follow until we are informed otherwise.
    1. If you or the racer are feeling ill, please do not attend.
    2. Social distancing of at least 6 ft. should be practiced by all spectators and all other rules as set forth by the State and the County should be followed.
    3. Registration will be done with 2 lines to minimize the groups standing together.
    4. Riders will only be permitted if registering to race, there will be no practice on race-day for those not racing.
    5. Loaner helmets and rental bikes will not be available. Please bring your own bike and helmet and have your helmet, gloves and gear on in staging at all times.
    6. The processing of memberships can be completed on site; however, will significantly slow down registration. Everyone will be encouraged to renew membership online at Please do not forget to credit your membership to Sand Springs BMX. This will ensure that we receive an email notifying us that your membership has been renewed and expedite the sign-up process. We will announce this as well on social media.
    7. At registration we will accept cash, credit cards with square so members will scan their own cards.
    8. During the registration process, please respect and adhere to the social distancing guidelines.
    9. Moto’s will be posted online at or Also, on our group message board to help with social distancing.
    10. We will use every other chute for staging (if necessary). We anticipate one moto in the gate, and three lined up on the hill.
    11. At the conclusion of the main event, awards will be given before riders exit the track area. We ask that once your racer has collected their award that you exit the facility as expeditiously as possible.
    12. Please do not linger in the parking lot after the race.
    13. We will have our volunteer staff on-site throughout the day to assist with any concerns or safety measures.
    14. We will make every effort to stream the races on our Facebook page so that those not in attendance can view. This will be done with a static camera and will just give an overview of the track.
    15. This list is meant to serve as a guideline and will be our best practices. We reserve the right to make changes if necessary, to ensure for the safety and well-being of our riders and spectators.
    16. Our porta-potties, with hand sanitizer, will be 6 feet from each other and there will be handwashing stations on the outside and inside of the track.
    17. If you are uncomfortable with any of these procedures or being around people please stay home. Let’s get back to racing as safely as possible and most of all let’s have fun. If you have any questions or recommendations to make things better, please ask or list here in this post. If you have complaints please keep those to yourself.
    18. Please be patient with us we are doing our best with what has been thrown at us.
    We appreciate all the support provided and look forward to working with you on this event. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss the matter further.

Race Results

Race Date: 2020-05-23

Rider Results

Rider Results

Gold Cup / 10 Expert / Expert

Gold Cup / 10 Intermediate / Inter

Gold Cup / 10 Novice / Novice

Gold Cup / 10 & Under Girls Cruiser / Girls Cruiser

Gold Cup / 11-12 Girls Cruiser / Girls Cruiser

Gold Cup / 11 Cruiser / Cruiser

Gold Cup / 11 Expert / Expert

Gold Cup / 11 Girls / Expert Girls

Gold Cup / 11 Intermediate / Inter

Gold Cup / 11 Novice / Novice

Gold Cup / 12 Expert / Expert

Gold Cup / 12 Intermediate / Inter

Gold Cup / 12 Novice / Novice

Gold Cup / 13-14 Girls Cruiser / Girls Cruiser

Gold Cup / 13 Cruiser / Cruiser

Gold Cup / 13 Expert / Expert

Gold Cup / 13 Intermediate / Inter

Gold Cup / 13 Novice / Novice

Gold Cup / 14 Cruiser / Cruiser

Gold Cup / 14 Expert / Expert

Gold Cup / 14 Intermediate / Inter

Gold Cup / 14 Novice / Novice

Gold Cup / 15-16 Girls / Expert Girls

Gold Cup / 15-16 Girls Cruiser / Girls Cruiser

Gold Cup / 15 Cruiser / Cruiser

Gold Cup / 15 Expert / Expert

Gold Cup / 15 Intermediate / Inter

Gold Cup / 16 Expert / Expert

Gold Cup / 17-20 Expert / Expert

Gold Cup / 17-20 Intermediate / Inter

Gold Cup / 21-25 Intermediate / Inter

Gold Cup / 21-30 Women / Expert Girls

Gold Cup / 26-35 Novice / Novice

Gold Cup / 31-35 Cruiser / Cruiser

Gold Cup / 31-35 Women Cruiser / Girls Cruiser

Gold Cup / 36-40 Expert / Expert

Gold Cup / 36-40 Intermediate / Inter

Gold Cup / 36-40 Women Cruiser / Girls Cruiser

Gold Cup / 3 Balance Bike / Bal. Bike

Gold Cup / 41-45 Expert / Expert

Gold Cup / 41-45 Intermediate / Inter

Gold Cup / 41-45 Novice / Novice

Gold Cup / 41-45 Women Cruiser / Girls Cruiser

Gold Cup / 46-50 Cruiser / Cruiser

Gold Cup / 46-50 Intermediate / Inter

Gold Cup / 46-50 Novice / Novice

Gold Cup / 4 Balance Bike / Bal. Bike

Gold Cup / 51 & Over Novice / Novice

Gold Cup / 5 & Under Novice / Novice

Gold Cup / 6 Intermediate / Inter

Gold Cup / 6 Novice / Novice

Gold Cup / 7 Intermediate / Inter

Gold Cup / 7 Novice / Novice

Gold Cup / 8 Cruiser / Cruiser

Gold Cup / 8 Expert / Expert

Gold Cup / 8 Girls / Expert Girls

Gold Cup / 8 Intermediate / Inter

Gold Cup / 8 Novice / Novice

Gold Cup / 9 Intermediate / Inter

Gold Cup / 9 Novice / Novice