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7 County Complex Court
Woodbridge VA 22192
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Track Operator:
Fredy Caceres

Fredy Caceres

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Northern Virginia (NOVA) BMX News

  • Track Jersey: Last Call for 2019!

    Show your track spirit and order a NOVA BMX jersey! Don’t race? No problem: we’ve got you covered with a short-sleeved pit jersey! If you are wanting a NOVA BMX jersey for a Christmas present (for yourself or others), this is your chance. Please send us your order details by midnight Saturday 12/7. See us at the track Saturday 12/7, send us a FaceBook or Instagram message, or email us at: $50 each. Available Youth XS-XL; Adult XS-2XL. Orders ar...

  • Rider Spotlight: Alan Decker (November 2019)

    November 2019 ~ Rider of the Month ~ Alan Decker It’s always bittersweet coming to the end of another BMX season, but this month we end on a happy note by celebrating a tenacious, hardworking rider who persevered through a tough 2018 on his way to a breakout season this year. That rider is 8 Intermediate Alan Decker, and he exemplifies what Rider of the Month, and BMX, are all about here at NOVA. Many of us fondly recall our first bike or the first time we took off pedaling on our...

  • Rider Spotlight: Liam Driscoll (October 2019)

    October 2019 ~ Rider of the Month ~ Liam Driscoll At NOVA BMX, we believe BMX racers are made, not born. But let’s face it, when your parents met repelling out of a Black Hawk helicopter, that’s at least a good start. That’s one telling detail in the origin story of October’s Rider of the Month, 10 Intermediate Liam Driscoll. His dad, Sean, was a Green Beret in the U.S. Army. His mom, Tricia … well, Liam declined to say. But it may be that few of u...

  • Rider Spotlight: Vincent Via (September 2019)

    September 2019 ~ Rider of the Month ~ Vincent Via There’s a guy at gate practice who doesn’t say much. He’s focused. He’s purposeful. If I line up to his inside, it might be close through the first turn. If I line up to his outside, I’ve got my work cut out for me. More than once, he’s taken me up to the boards. He’ll crowd me on the straight to get position. He’ll take away my line into the corner, just like it’s a race. This kid, I th...

  • Rider Spotlight: Alexander George (August 2019)

    August 2019 ~ Rider of the Month ~ Alexander George The George racing dynasty is now officially NOVA BMX lore. Alexander "Xander" George, NOVA BMX’s August 2019 rider of the month, is the first honoree to have been preceded by another family member. His little sister, Izzy, earned that distinction in June, and now the spotlight shifts to him. Any way you look at it, this family is going places … fast. Both Xander and Izzy had the honor of participating in the...

  • Rider Spotlight: Cogan Martin-Kersey (July 2019)

    July 2019 ~ Rider of the Month ~ Cogan Martin-Kersey Being chosen Rider of the Month is kind of a big deal. But before July’s honoree Cogan Martin-Kersey would sit down with me for his obligatory interview, he wanted to lock in one condition. “When we’re done,” he asked, “can I do more laps?” Mind you, he had just raced in withering heat and humidity at NOVA BMX’s Wednesday night local. And he had already taken a few practice laps after ...

  • Rider Spotlight: Isabella George (June 2019)

    June 2019 ~ Rider of the Month ~ Isabella George Fear is not what you should be feeling. Feel brave. And if it gets a little hard, just keep trying, and you’ll get better. And at one point you’ll know: This is what I want to do. This is nice. That’s the advice June’s Rider of the Month would give to someone who’s interested in BMX but who’s nervous about giving it a try. It speaks to the nearly universal experience of those who have overcome fear...

  • Rider Spotlight: Eli Dowdy (May 2019)

    May 2019 ~ Rider of the Month ~ Eli Dowdy Eli “Rowdy” Dowdy is 7-years-old. His business is BMX. And when there’s business to be done, he cannot be bothered with trifles. “Why,” he demanded to know, “are you asking me all these stupid questions?!” The reason, as I tried to explain, is because Eli is NOVA BMX’s May 2019 Rider of the Month. In just over four years, this member of the Get-a-Grip squad has risen from an enthusiastic 2-ye...

  • Rider Spotlight: Giuliana Milliron (April 2019)

    April 2019 ~ Rider of the Month ~ Giuliana Milliron Giuliana “Gigi” Milliron, NOVA BMX’s April Rider of the Month, lives a life of action. On the day I interviewed her, she had spent the afternoon at the White House participating in the annual Easter Egg Roll. Then she and her folks dashed over to NOVA BMX for gate practice. The next day she and her dad left for the Dixieland Nationals in Cobb County, Georgia. And soon she’ll be heading to Heusden-Zolder,&nb...

  • Rider Spotlight: Shelly Zimmerman (March 2019)

    March 2019 ~ Rider of the Month ~ Shelly Zimmerman As Thanksgiving approaches, you might expect to hear a relative say, “See you at Grandma’s.” But BMX racer Timmy Zimmerman is more likely to say, “See you at Grands, Ma.” That’s because his mother, Shelly Zimmerman, is a nationally ranked competitor in her own right. In her first full year of BMX racing, Shelly blazed a trail all the way to NAG 8 of the 56+ Women’s Cruiser Class. We at NOVA B...

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