Ernie Alexander

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Ernie was the first promoter of motorcycle motocross in the United States-owned and ran A.C.E. Racing at Indian Dunes, CA. During that time, he designed and built the International course and Shadow Glenn courses. After several years of promoting motorcycle races, with inspiration from the movie On Any Sunday, Ernie decided it would be easier to get tracks going for bicycle motocross (less noise and everyone with a bicycle could participate). Thus began professionally organized BMX racing when he founded the first BMX sanctioning body, NBA (National Bicycle Association). He promoted some of the first BMX nationals and wrote the first ever BMX Rule Book. He was a key player in starting Pro racing for BMX, and at the time, put up some of the largest pro purses. In 1976, he took the first bunch of "BMX superstars" on the road for the first ever Summer Tour. After selling the NBA, Ernie left the BMX world in 1982, and started up dance clubs. Today, he designs acrylic water sculptures, unique in design and material, and has installed his work all over the U.S. and overseas-including the fountain that was in the lobby of GT Bicycles.

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