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Gold Cup Finals Southeast

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Peachtree City BMX is one of those places that every BMXer needs to visit at least once in their careers. You won’t find many other places so embedded in a park with mature pine trees and you definitely won’t find one with miles of golf cart paths. Being in the heart of Georgia one should always be prepared for warm weather and mother nature delivered a few prime days for the race for the cup. Despite it being the first time that the USA BMX big rig has rolled into the McIntosh Trail Recreation Complex, there have been many great races held on these hallowed grounds.


The track slopes downhill ever so slightly, which makes it easy to get up to speed.Mason Hayes came in and laid down two days of hot laps in the 7 & Under Cruiser but the battle for the plate would come down between Mathew Haywood and Lucas Ruiz. After day 1 Haywood was 2 points down and needed some help on Sunday to get the #1 plate. Ruiz would go on to a second on day 2 and secure the championship.


In 9 Cruiser we had a tie after Saturday’s racing which meant if Jason Linville or Kyle Kirchhoff could pull off a win on Sunday they would be in line getting fitted for that elusive champion’s jacket. Kirchhoff harnessed the energy of his Factory HRP teammates as he passed by them at the exit of the last turn on his way to dropping the #2 off his plate and replacing it with a #1.


The 10 Intermediate showdown was set between Ohio’s Talan Downing and North Carolina’s Garrett Davis. After winning on Saturday Davis closed the points gap with Downing but would still need to finish ahead of him to have a chance at the crown. They would battle all the way to the line with Downing coming out on top and winning the tiebreaker.


The battle of the Rebecca’s went down in 17-20 Women. “La Quesa Blanca” also known as Rebecca Robison didn’t lose a lap on her way to a golden victory.


The experts closed things out with a bang on Sunday. 10X Cameron Pineda was unstoppable but ended up losing the championship by a point that he lost at a qualifier earlier in the year. Charles St. Romain picked up the jacket and #1 plate in the class.

Everyone had a great time in Georgia and if you’re ever at Peachtree BMX be sure to grab one of the gourmet snow cones. You won’t regret it.

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