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Steve Johnson

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To this day, yellow and black on a BMX uniform are bound to start a discussion of Steve Johnson’s Torker. His iconic twin-top-tube frame design, and keen sense for the granular details of marketing his products made Steve among the most celebrated and respected industry figures of the late 70’s and early 80’s. Steve had a deep respect for riders and The Torker Factory Team was home to a roster of A-List talent that, over his eightyear tenure, included Hall of Famers Eddy King, Tommy Brackens, Kevin McNeal, Mike King, Richie Anderson and Mike Miranda. Steve was also instrumental in the early days of BMX Freestyle, sponsoring Bob Haro’s touring team in 1980, and later serving as a mentor and manufacturing source to Bob in creating the Haro Freestyler--our sport’s first specifically-made Freestyle frame.

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