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USA BMX honors the memory of KYLE BENNETT

Filed under General on October 16, 2012 | Comment(s)

While the stats from KYLE BENNETT's 14 year pro career lay a strong foundation of what the 2008 BMX Olympian has accomplished in the sport of Bicycle Motocross (BMX), there is so much more to his legacy than being a 3-time UCi World Champion and 3-time NBL Pro Champ. Even having made 114 Pro main events, with 41 wins and 85 stands on the Pro podiums, that barely begins to describe the impact KB has on the sport that he participated in since the young age of 7. Idolized by tens of thousands of BMX racers around the world - not only for his racing skills and titles, but for being a friendly, always approachable professional who was known for always taking the time to pose for pictures, sign an autograph or give racing advice and tips to kids and parents.
"Kyle was an advocate of the sport at all levels," stated B.A. Anderson, CEO at USA BMX. "As a professional racer, an Olympian, BMX spokesperson and most recently, as a local USA BMX Track Operator at Armadillo BMX Park in Conroe, TX,  Kyle was a true professional within our sport who always had time for his fans. He truly loved BMX and his legacy will carry on forever. BMX racing has lost an icon who will be missed by all USA BMX members."

Over the past decade, Bennett's skills on a BMX bike helped elevate the sport's top athletes to a whole new level. As the first racer chosen by USA Cycling to be on Team USA in 2008, Kyle led the charge of America's Olympic debut in Beijing 2008. Under his leadership as team captain, Team USA went on to win three medals in Beijing. Unfortunately, an injured Bennett was the only member to not bring home something to hang around his neck. With a gallant effort and true Texan grit, he did succeed though, at becoming an inspiration to all BMX racers around globe. 
When asked in March of this year, for the best reason for still racing BMX, Kyle told PULL magazine that "Riding my bike still makes me as happy as it did when I was 7 years old." 
Most recently, his latest venture was becoming a Track Operator with the vision of having Kyle Bennett Camps in conjunction with Kyle Bennett Armadillo BMX.
Kyle was 33 years old when he passed on, in a tragic rollover accident at 2am on Sunday, October 14th. He leaves behind his 5 year old daughter, Kylie, a fiance and a loving and supportive family.
Two Paypal accounts have been set up to assist the Bennett family.
Paypal Donations for his funeral arrangement can be sent to:

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