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    National Awards Ceremony Schedule

    Even though most riders picked up their NAG plates in Tulsa last November, USA BMX will be holding an Awards Ceremony on Saturday - January 10th in Las Vegas, for Top 10 National racers (Girls, Girl Cruiser, Cruiser, Amateur and Teams).

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    Olympic Day results from 2014

    The U.S. Olympic Committee just released the results from last year's Olympic Day ...and BMX Racing was again one of the biggest draws of all athletic activities. USA BMX is proud to be a partner in this great promotional event.

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    2014 USA BMX Grands - AA Pro Semi 1

    In one of the most iconic laps in recent BMX racing history, 2-time Olympic champion Maris Strombergs secures a spot in the main event while current champ Sam Willoughby goes down over the berm jump.

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    Grands Practice - Photo Gallery

    The Greatest BMX Race on Earth" all begins on Thanksgiving Thursday - with all day practice. Well, ..."practice" is kind of an understatement. With so much on the line - from 7 foot tall trophies to ROC and NAG No.1 plates, to National Championships, it looked as if every practice lap was already a main event.

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    The No.1 Amateur Battle for 2014

    It's been proven time and time again that anything can and will happen at The Grands. Traditionally, the No.1 Cup has gone to the winner of 17-18x or 19-27x. We won't know until motos are posted whether last year's remarkable 105 rider-count in the 17-18x class will be matched or surpassed.

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    USAC Collegiate National Championships to be held at Dixieland Natls 2015

    USA Cycling has announced the 2015 Collegiate BMX National Championships will be held at the Dixieland Nationals at the Cobb County BMX track in Powder Springs, Ga., April 25-26. New in 2015.

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    Vote for your favorite Pros, Bike and Team!

    It's that time, once again, to VOTE for who you think deserves a Golden Crank for their efforts during the 2014 season. Cast your popularity vote at:

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    ROC Invite List: Are YOU on it?

    The ROC Invite List is now official - to see if you are able to race the 2014 Race of Champions, on Friday of the Grands weekend - for a shot at the red background ROC No.1 plate - go to ...

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    USA BMX reveals layout for this year's Grands Track

    After deciphering dozens of Salsa-stained napkin drawings, sketched out during post-National dinners at Chipotle' over the last 4 or 5 months, track builder Bill Allen and National Director Bill Morris have decided on the track layout for the 2014 Grands. ...and it's going to be a doozy!

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    USA BMX rolls into the Silver Spurs Arena for the 2014 Disney Cup and Fall Nationals.