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Member Resources

All riders practicing or competing on a sanctioned track must obtain a membership prior to riding on the track. Memberships can be purchased at the track. There are four types of memberships available, which are as

A.  One-day free membership - For the new novice rider to have a chance to experience the sport

B. Temporary 30 Day - For the new rider to the sport.

  • Valid at any sanctioned track.
  • For practice and single-points races only.
  • No points will be awarded.

C. Strider (annual) - For the young toddler rider

  • Official membership card
  • For use with Strider style bikes.
  • No points awarded.

D. Full Member (annual)

  • Official membership card
  • One-year subscription to PULL magazine.
  • Annual tracking of points for all races
  • Temporary numberplate, official rule book, and New Rider Manual(can be picked up at local track).