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2018 Bob Warnicke Memorial Scholarship

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The American Bicycle Association is proud to announce the release of the 2018 Bob Warnicke Memorial Scholarship Application.

The Bob Warnicke Memorial Scholarship Fund was created to assist students and their families in meeting the costs of undergraduate college education, trade school, etc. USA BMX/BMX Canada members who have a current USA BMX/BMX Canada license or Track Operators/Officials who participate in BMX racing events sanctioned by USA BMX/BMX Canada are eligible to apply.

In 2017, the Warnicke Scholarship program awarded $53,500 to 70 individual students with BMX backgrounds - selected from 87 applicants. As more tracks and riders get involved in the Warnicke Scholarship races, the number and amount of scholarships awarded will only grow.

Scholarship applications must be submitted by March 5, 2018 to be considered. The Scholarship Committee will review the application materials and select the deserving applicants. The awards will be announced in May 2018 via the USA BMX website.

To apply for the Bob Warnicke Memorial Scholarship Fund start the application by CLICKING HERE

Scholarship Committee 
USA BMX / BMX Canada  

About Bob Warnicke
The Bob Warnicke Memorial Scholarship Program was established in 1995 to honor the memory of the National Bicycle League's late vice president. Bob passed away Nov.16, 1994, at the young age of 48 years old. Bob played a very active role in BMX for 10 years and was well known for his instrumental role in bringing BMX to millions of viewers through the airing of the "NBL Road to Glory Series" on ESPN2 and ESPN. His accomplishments in television promotion resulted in his being named the NBL's Volunteer of the Year at Competition Congress in 1994.

More than anything else, Bob was a person who cared deeply about the sport of BMX. His dedication showed his commitment to the youth who benefited from his efforts. The Scholarship Program preserves Bob Warnicke's legacy of love by contributing to the futures of deserving USA BMX and BMX Canada members in his name.

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