Team racing at USA BMX national events consist of three national team categories - Trophy, Bike Shop and Factory. To view the rosters of Bike Shop or Factory teams, click on the links below:

  • Trophy - a non-rostered team, competing for trophy of the day
  • Bike Shop - any rostered team in USA BMX that calls itself a Bike Shop Team
  • Factory - any rostered team in USA BMX where a sponsor manufactures any component for bicycles or calls itself a Factory Team

Team racing at BMX Canada national events consist of two national team categories - Trophy and Title. To view the rosters of Title teams, click on the link below:

  • Title - a rostered team in BMX Canada

Team racing is about the camaraderie of being part of a group effort.  Each rider competes for their own best effort and the best four finishes on a team sheet for the days standing against other teams finishes. BMX Team racing can be strategy and it can be luck!

Team Points are the overall standings in the Bike Shop & Factory (or Title in Canada) team categories after each national weekend.  Team scores are verified in the office after race and published on-line.  The team racing season runs through the Grands (or BMX Canada Grands for Title teams) where all teams compete for a year end award and bragging rights of being the best!

For more details on team racing, including the rules, team sheets and point tables: CLICK HERE!

US Team Standings


Canada Team Standings

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