Rode BMX for years, started with a Huffy Thunder Road to a Raleigh BMX, to my first real BMX, a Kuwahara KYZ.

Did the usual riding with friends, jumping homemade wood ramps with cinder blocks, numerous trails around the South Shore,  some Freestyle tricks etc.  Stopped riding for about 21 years.

Fast forward to 2007, dusted off the Kuwahara, put some new parts on it and started riding again.  Sold it in 2013.

Got 2 bikes that I wanted when I was younger:  a Skyway T/A (2008) and a CW (2010) both USA made Retro bikes.

Always wanted to race but never did.  That changed in 2015....

In the 41-45 Novice Class and I'm hooked. 

Having an awesome time and meeting a ton of great people in the BMX family.

Unfortunately had a bad wipeout at Billerica BMX on 8/9/2015, ended up with a tibial plateau fracture. Could not race in the MA State Championship at Whip BMX and it really bothered me.

Working hard now to get back on the track next year.