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    NAG Title Chase Update: BOYS 'n MEN

    As we hit the backside of the halfway-season mark, it's time to take a quick look at the current NAG standings in Boys/Men, to see how everyone is stacking up in their Natonal Age Groups.

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    Olympic Days are HERE!

    It's just about that time! Olympic Day only happens once a year - but for USA BMX and BMX Canada, we spread the race-days out a bit. Click here to discover where your closest FREE Olympic Day race is being held!

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    NAG Title Chase Update: GIRLS

    It's June, and that means it 'tis time to break down some of the biggest storylines going on the NAG standings right now. What age groups have the closest battles for the top spot? Who is on the verge of becoming NAG-1? Who should people keep an eye out for at upcoming Nationals? Find out all of this - and more...

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    Team USA Elites: Ready for Baku

    Twelve U.S. Elite athletes will race for a chance to take home the rainbow jersey in both Junior and Elite divisions, including reigning UCI World Champs Corben Sharrah and Alise Willoughby, along with Olympic gold medalist Connor Fields.

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    2018 UCI WORLDS - Where & When to Watch it

    It's WORLD's WEEK! And Team USA is primed and ready to defend all of the W#1's we earned last year in Rock Hill; and are hoping to bring home a few more.

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    2018 Music City Nationals race report

    Memorial Day weekend is always chock-full of BMX action, and this year the Music City Nationals is a 3-Day weekend, along with Round Six of the Pro Series.

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    NAG Title Chase Update: Cruiser

    A NAG Plate is one of the most prestigious accomplishments a BMX racer can achieve in their career, and that is why keeping an eye on the current NAG points can be very exciting. IN this episode, we take a look at the NAG Cruiser battles of 2018.

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    2018 Golden State Nationals Race Report

    After all of the fun and thrills from last year's Fall Nationals, USA BMX and its members could hardly wait to come back for more! The 2018 National circuit returned to Metro BMX in Bakersfield, to take on the concrete turns and rhythm-filled straightaways for some top-notch racing.

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    2018 Bob Warnicke Scholarship Winners

    Gilbert, Arizona – May 11, 2018 – USA BMX announces that $48,000 in Bob Warnicke Scholarships for 2018 has been awarded to deserving students and their families. Funds are raised annually through the Warnicke Scholarship Race. This series of races was created to help fund The Bob Warnicke Memorial Scholarship Fund which assists students and their families in meeting the costs of undergraduate college education, trade school and other education avenues they would like to pursue.

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    2018 Helmet Buyer's Guide

    When purchasing a BMX helmet, there are many factors to consider. Being as it protects your brain, price shouldn’t be your deciding reason. PULL magazine assembled the largest collection of BMX helmets for 2018, and gives you the run-down on what's out there, with what features, and for what price.

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    2018 USA BMX Super Nationals Race Report

    Is that a bird? A plane? Nope, just the SUPER Nationals making their return to the original BMX super facility in Desoto, Texas.

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    NAG Title Chase Update: Ladies Cruiser

    As we close in on the halfway point of the 2018 season, USA BMX contributor Jacob Smith gives us an update of the latest NAG point standings in this first of a four part series.