Gretna BMX Raceway District: LA01


800 Gretna Blvd
Gretna, La 70053

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Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Track Phone: 504-371-5197
  • Primary Contact: Clark Dufrene Jr ((504) 234-7216)
  • Secondary Contact: Track ((504) 371-5197)

Gretna BMX is dedicated to providing a fun-filled opportunity for our community that promotes a healthy lifestyle, responsibility, family involvement, character development and good sportsmanship through the sport of BMX.  Not only do memebers of our community find a healthy and fun way to spend their time, they also learn to value volunteerism and build lasting friendships in the spirit of healthy competition.  

Our purpose is to ensure that all participants feel welcome, included and have fun while competing with other riders.  All of this is to be done while providing a family friendly environment where we strive to be positive role-models within our community.