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3150 Lander Avenue North
St. Michael MN 55376 - 9633
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Track Operator:
Dan Isaacs
[email protected]

Elliot McGrath

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Volunteer Information

Crow River BMX is 100% volunteer run! Everything from the registration to the ads you see is created and maintained by volunteers like you. We are always looking for individuals who are willing to pitch in and help out in a way that uses their skills to the best. We will train onsite for all the positions.

Volunteer Positions

  • Track Maintenance – Everything from picking up a rake to driving a skid steer, working with others to develop and maintain the race track, staging, and spectator areas.
  • Registration – Check-in racers and practices, transact membership and session purchases. A great way to get to know everyone at the track.
  • Concessions & Merchandise – An exciting place to hang out. Complete purchase transactions, fill orders, and cut open freezies!
  • Announcer – Announce the race, create nicknames, and have a blast, just please don’t swear!
  • Corner Attendant (safety) – See the action up close as you stand guard on the corners. If there is a crash, you provide assistance. There will also be a team of individuals onsite to handle any complicated injuries.
  • Gate Operator – Hang out and push buttons. Control the speed of the race while monitoring what’s happening on the track.
  • Line Judge/Scoring (30-foot Official, Finish Line) - A great placement for our more serious volunteers, keep a close watch and mark down the racer’s placement across the finish line.
  • Staging - A chance to hang out within the buzz of excitement as you call out and support the staging
  • instructions for our riders.
  • Board of Directors – The BoD helps shape the future of Crow River BMX for years, if you are interested in being part of the visionaries, see our Board of Directors page under the Sections tab.

We use When I Work to organize our volunteer needs. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer email [email protected] or talk to one of the many volunteers at the track. 

Thank you for your time and efforts to make Crow River BMX a fantastic place to ride!