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DK Valiant

Posted on April 26, 2012

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  • 2012_dk_pro_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • 2012_dk_expert_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • 2012_dk_junior_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • 2012_dk_mini_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • 2012_dk_sentry_24_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • 2012_dk_valiant_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • 2012_dk_sentry_blue_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • 2012_dk_sentry_black_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • Dk_box_willers_pr_460_mxw60_mxh60_e1

The Bike Features

  • 2013 Frame & Fork Buyers Guide

    2013 Frame & Fork Buyers Guide

    Your frame is one of the most important elements of your bike. It is the foundation to having a machine that will assist you in achieving your goals as a BMX racer. ...and we've got ALL of the BMX frames available, here for you.

  • INTERbike Show Las Vegas

    INTERbike Show Las Vegas

    "Hmmmmm... race the national in South Carolina this weekend, race at my local track, hit a State Champ ...or go to the InterBike Tradeshow in 'Vegas?" Decisions, decisions, decisions. But have no fear - we give you permission to go racing! Leave it up to us to attend the annual INTERbike trade show and...

  • Strider Balance Bike

    Strider Balance Bike

    With the STRIDERâ„¢ Balance Bike, there are no "tricycle tip-overs" or "training-wheel wobbles" to create a fear, hesitancy, or dislike of bike riding.

  • DK Bikes

    DK Bikes

    Dad and Kids having fun

  • Greg Hill Products

    Greg Hill Products

    Greg Hill Products combines more than 35 years of experience in BMX racing with exceptional manufacturing processes to produce "true" high-performance race products that win.

  • Haro Bikes

    Haro Bikes

    In 1976 a SoCal kid with an eye for style and a steady hand with an X-acto knife supported his BMX addiction by making custom number plates...

  • Intense Bicycles

    Intense Bicycles

    The Intense Factory Bike line-up is as close to a pro-level bike as you can get without spending pro-level money....

  • Speedco Bicycles

    Speedco Bicycles

    The Speedco M-Series XLT frames are the backbone of what may be the fastest BMX bike design ever offered.

  • SE Bikes

    SE Bikes

    SE Bikes racing history started over 35 years ago in 1970. That's when teenage entrepreneur, Scot Breithaupt began promoting "Pedal-Cross" races in Long Beach, CA.

  • Redline Bicycles

    Redline Bicycles

    Redline was born when two guys with a common interest in welding and motorcycles began making frames and motocross swingarms....

  • GT Bicycles

    GT Bicycles

    As good as the 2011 GT BMX Race Frames were (they had more UCI Podiums than any other two brands ...