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    2012 USA BMX Grand National - Pros

    The year end titles were on the line at the largest BMX race of all time! Check out the Pro action from Tulsa.

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    Motos are Posted

    The 2012 Race of Champions / President’s Cup and Grand Nationals will be the largest race of the year. Pre-sign numbers are at a record high and we anticipate that many will be signing up on site. To make things easier, in addition to posting on-site, we have posted the motos on the website for you to view.

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    Grands Thursday: Pictures from Practice

    While "most" normal Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving by stuffing their gut with mash 'taters and turkey, the BMX population has traditionally spent their 4-day weekend in Tulsa. the QT Center, to be precise.

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    Pre-GRANDS Photo Gallery

    Want some pics from the Grands floor as everybody begins to set-up their pits while the USA BMX track building crew works tirelessly on dialing in the track? Well ... here they are:

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    LIVE WEBCAST of The Grands: Catch it right HERE!

    It has now been confirmed! will be hosting the live webcast of this years' USA BMX GRANDS. The webcast kicks off on Thursday afternoon with a Pre-GRANDS Warm-Up show. Be sure to catch trackside interviews from the No.1 Champions podium with many of the No.1 title contenders.

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    AA-Pro Stats going in to Grands XXXV

    It's been a long, rough year for our sports' most Elite athletes - and this charts pretty much tells the story, as we head toward Tulsa, OK and Saturday night's Pro Spectacular battle for the first ever USA BMX No.1 Pro title.

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    The Greatest AA-Pro Battle on Earth

    In 2010, Australia's Sam Willoughby became No.1 Pro. In 2011, his arch rival from New Zealand, Marc Willers, took the title from Sam in a close, hard-fought showdown. So it's no coincidence that we again find both of these contenders in the hunt for the No.1 Pro plate.