BMX Canada


  • Mischa Partridge | 2014, Pro


    Racing since the age of 11, A Pro Mischa Partridge, spends his time now giving back to the sport.

  • Mekhi Emerinini | 2014, Amateur


    it was Kelowna’s Mekhi Emerinini holding the cup nearly as big as the 7-year-old Wrecking Crew rider.

  • Violet Cejalvo | 2014, Girl


    From the moment the gate dropped, it was Surrey’s Cejalvo out in front and with that win, she claimed the 2014 Girls Amateur title.

  • Hunter McGill | 2014, Cruiser


    We’ve seen Hunter in the race for the title and knew the championship was in his destiny following Dad’s lead (3 time Canadian cruiser champion Greg McGill).

  • Shylo Orchard | 2014, Girl Cruiser


    The Kween of the Krappweasels, Shylo Orchard, returned to her reign as the 2014 Girls Cruiser champion.

  • YESS | 2014, Factory Team


    The 2014 Factory Team title is the third for Canadian series sponsor Yess BMX Bikes. Renny and Bill Husada have put together a roster with top elites, masters and amateurs around the world.

  • Canadian Bike Supply | 2014, Bike Shop Team


    2014 Bike Shop winner (for 4 straight years) went to Abbotsford’s Canadian Bike Supply.

  • UFO | 2014, Trophy Team


    With team owners Tony and Kathleen Church helping out with staging and gates, UFO’s commitment and involvement to the Canadian series is evident