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Stu Thomsen

Filed under Hall Of Fame on April 21, 2012 | Comment(s)

ABA’s very first No.1 Pro, in 1979. Stompin’ Stu is perhaps one of the biggest names our sport has ever known. The sponsors that Stu rode for are a who`s who of BMX of BMX history--Dirtmaster, Webco, DG, FMF, Shimano, SE Racing, Redline and Huffy. Stu had a huge presence during his career and was a powerful, imposing rider in the PRO ranks. While riding for Huffy in the mid-80’s, Stu became the highest paid BMX pro, having his own signature frame sold in department stores nationwide. After retirement, the Mighty Stu owned and operated his own bike shop in Riverside, CA. Today, Stu is a Sherriff in Southern California and shows up, on occasion, at a few nationals a year to show that he still commands respect on a bike.

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