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George Esser

Filed under Hall Of Fame on December 07, 2013 | Comment(s)

In the early 70's, a motorcyle race promoter named George Esser was running the NML - the National Motorcycle League, when his eldest son Greg asked him about racing their bikes on the track. Almost instantly, BMX was born in the Sunshine state. By 1974, the National Bicycle League (NBL) was formed. As founder and president of the NBL, George gave the sport of BMX the major boost it needed on the East Coast. In 1981, Esser teamed up with the Godfather of European BMX - Mr. Gerrit Does, to found the first International Governing body for BMX Racing; called the IBMXF. Esser, at one time, was also part owner of MCS - and would later own and operate Fab-Weld of Pompano Beach, FL, manufacturing frames and product for many big BMX brands. Sadly, Alzheimer's disease took George Esser away from us in August of 2006 - but along with his five sons and his ever lasting legacy in the sport BMX, George Esser's legend will always live on.