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Martin Aparijo

Filed under Hall Of Fame on October 01, 2014 | Comment(s)

Longtime GT freestyler Martin Aparijo was a pure showman from the moment he arrived on the fresh freestyle scene of the mid-80’s. As one of the first riders to specialize in flatland, Martin is credited for creating tricks such as “The Cherry Picker,” “The Lawnmower,” and “The Grasshopper” - and took those moves to an AFA Masters Finals Championship in 1987. His status in the flatland freestyle scene is summed up by his nickname - “The Chairman.” Mentored by his good friend and riding partner Woody Itson, Martin’s first taste of competition came in 1982, at the Redline World Almanac Skills competition, where he set the long-distance jump record. But he is perhaps best known for his work in the movie “RAD” - where he not only cameo’d as himself, but also did most of the stunt-doubling for the female lead character Christian Holly (played by actress Lori Loughlin). Martin can also be spotted acting and performing stunts in the Kevin Bacon fixie film, Quicksilver. Having starred in thousands of freestyle shows all around the World, there is no doubt that Martin Aparijo left his mark on the sport and helped spread its popularity to the masses.

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