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Charles Townsend

Filed under Hall Of Fame on October 01, 2014 | Comment(s)

You can call him Chuck, Charlie or Charles. You can call him Amtrac or Choo Choo. Or, in his early days, you can do like Boss and Free Agent did and call him Black Magic. But the one thing you could never call Charles Townsend is SLOW. With an incredible 15 year Pro career, Northern California’s Amtrac steam-rolled the AA pro ranks and racked up 32 wins, 297 mains and 138 podiums between 1987 and 2001- giving him a career average ranking of #8. During Chuck’s illustrious racing career he was the first of three riders to ever earn the ABA No.1 Pro plate in his Rookie year. He also won the IBMXF World Championships in 1989, and was voted BMX Plus! Racer of the Year. Riding and representing major brands throughout his career - such as Hutch, CW, Revcore, Diamondback, and Powerlite, Townsend even had his own signature frame - the Amtrac, put out in the 90’s while racing for Robinson. Charlie’s fun personality and sense of humor always made him a fan favorite.

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