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Tommy Brackens

Filed under Hall Of Fame on April 22, 2012 | Comment(s)

Whether he was riding for Powerlite, Torker, GT or his own company, the Human Dragster, Tommy Brackens, was one of most powerful pros during the 80s. His good nature and easy going attitude also made him a crowd favorite, a statement easily proven by the fact the he was the recipient of the BMX ACTION NORA Cup in 1986. In fact, out of his entire career, 1986 would have to be his best season ever as Tommy became the IBMXF Pro World Champion and European Champion. Around 1987, Tommys quickness was proved once again; this time on a bike with no pedals as he delved in to the wild and wacky World of GPVs (Gravity Powered Vehicles). In Palm Springs, at the pinnacle --Brackens Racing. Although short-lived, Brackens Racing is perhaps best known GPV event (down Tramway Road), Brackens was clocked at 91 mph on his converted 20 inch bike. After retiring from the national circuit in 1988, he started up his own bike company, which is probably best remembered for sponsoring cycling`s prodigy child Eric Carter. Today, Brackens lives in Northern California.

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