2015 Frame & Fork Guide

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Not since the 90's has BMX seen such a boom in BMX frame and fork selection. From the editors of PULL Magazine - the official Membership publication of USA BMX, we bring you this mondo-sized Frame & Fork Buyer's Guide for you to drool over - and help you decide what your next BMX purchase will be.

* Actual MSRP may vary.

Answer Dagger

DESCRIPTION: Molded high-density 4k carbon woven legs, Forged 7075 aluminum dropouts, Integrated crown and steer tube and Integrated top-cap locking system. WEIGHT:  22.3 oz.
SIZES: Mini, Expert, Pro and Pro 24 COLORS: Black and White MSRP: $ $279.99-$289.99


Basic Bike Co. 

SPECS: Semi integrated head tube, BB86 on XL and up, Made in the USA with 7005 Series aluminum.
WEIGHT: 3 lbs. 8 oz. (XL) SIZES: Mini-Pro XXL 20” sizes and Expert-Pro XL 24”.
COLORS: Black, Red, Blue, White and Neon Green. MSRP: $449.00


BlackCrown 2.0 Throne

SPECS: Made in the USA, 6061-T6 aluminum with a CNC machined integrated headset, V-brake mounts, Euro BB and stiff rectangular chainstays for responsiveness during starts. WEIGHT: Unavailable SIZES: Mini-Pro XL and Pro XL-Pro XXL Cruisers. COLORS: Red, Flo Yellow, Gray, Blue, White and Black
MSRP: $449.00 


Bombshell F7 Carbon

WEIGHT: 23.5 oz. SIZES: Expert, Pro and Pro 24 COLORS: White and Black MSRP: $279.99


BOX X Series Carbon

DESCRIPTION: Every model features a rider-specific design that is strong, lightweight, reliable and meets the demands of the fastest racers.  Whether it’s the standard X, the lightweight XL or the  oversize Pro X2,  each model features  an all-carbon crown and leg construction paired with cold-forged and CNC-machined dropouts.  WEIGHT:  22.7 oz. SIZES: X, XL, Pro X2, XE Expert, XS Mini and X5  
COLORS: Carbon MSRP: $299.00 


C-YAA Racing  

SPECS: 6061 Aluminum,15 mm axle slots with a 3/8 conversion tensioner, a relaxed seat angle which stiffens the rear triangle by making the seat stays shorter, wishbone chain stay design for additional added stiffness, lower standover heights, unique channel chain tensioning system, along with Integrated headtubes (on all sizes but mini). WEIGHT: Unavailable SIZES: 13 available sizes from mini-Pro XXXL and Junior-Pro XL cruisers. COLORS: Baby Blue, Burnt Orange, Yellow, Black, Green and more.
MSRP: $479.00


CCH Supercup

SPECS: Made in the USA, 6061 Aluminum and a Lifetime guarantee. WEIGHT: 3.7 lbs. SIZES: Mini-Pro XXL and three different cruiser sizes COLORS: Flo Yellow, FLow Orange, Black, Red, White Blue
MSRP: $495.00 


Chase RSP 2.0

SPECS: Integrated head tube, Internal cable routing and a curved seat stay brace.  WEIGHT: 3 lbs. 4 oz.  SIZES: Mini XL-Pro XXL+ and Pro-Pro + cruisers. COLORS: Black, White and Polished
MSRP: $499.99-$549.99


Chase Element

SPECS: Chase is now offering the Element frames as a 2nd option. Using some of the same features like the Hydro formed down tube and muscle formed, tapered chain stays; the frame offers a great option for the price. Designed in the USA and built with the same World Championship winning BioFit geometry as our RSP frame. WEIGHT: 3 lbs. 4 oz.  SIZES: Expert XL-Pro XXL and Pro Cruiser COLORS: Black only MSRP: $369.99


CIARI Fork Selection

Ciari Victor I
DESCRIPTION: One-piece carbon monocoque design, Formula-1 blend fiber for superior strength, Full carbon crown and steer tube and forged 7075 alloy dropouts. WEIGHT: 19.1 oz. SIZES: Pro COLORS: Black  
MSRP: $325.00      
Ciari Piccolo
DESCRIPTION: One-piece carbon monocoque design, Formula-1 blend fiber for superior strength, Full carbon crown and steer tube and forged 7075 alloy dropouts. WEIGHT: 12.5 oz.  SIZES: Junior COLORS: Black
MSRP: $325.00    
Ciari Ottomatic
DESCRIPTION: Laser-cut 4mm thick 4130 chromoly dropouts, 4130 seamless chromoly tubing, multiple-butter and tapered legs for strength and a CNC machined 6061 aluminum top-bolt WEIGHT: 12.5 oz.  SIZES: Junior, Expert, Pro and Pro 24 COLORS: Belgian Black, Spanish White, Ciari Green, French Blue, Silver Arrow and Italian Red
MSRP: $129.95-$149.95


CLIQ Citizen Carbon fork

DESCRIPTION:  C730 carbon blend fork crown and tapered legs, 6061 Alloy tapered steer tube and 6061 Alloy dropouts - available in 20mm thru axle or 3/8” slotted. WEIGHT:  1.28 lbs.
SIZES: Pro   COLORS: Matte Black    MSRP: $339.99


Clayborn 2015 Race

SPECS: 6061 aluminum race frame built to the highest standards. WEIGHT: 3.7 lbs. SIZES: Mini-Pro XXL and Junior-Pro XL Cruisers. COLORS: Blue, White, Black and Copper MSRP: $429.99-$439.99


Doublecross 2015 Race

SPECS: Constructed from double-butted, 7005 series, heat-treated aluminum tubing for the perfect blend of strength and weight. Features a standard head tube, oval top and down tube with external down tube gusset, beefed up Euro BB shell with dual chainstays to reduce flex and provide maximum power transfer to the rear wheel. WEIGHT: Unavailable SIZES: 14 available sizes featuring Mirco-Pro XXL 20” and Junior-Pro XXL 24” COLORS: 14 different colors with custom annodizing
MSRP: $419.00 (2 color) and $469.99 (3 color)


CLIQ Addict 20mm

DESCRIPTION: Fully heat-treated 4130 chromoly, Tapered legs and a one piece extrusion steer tube with  Integrated bearing race  and built-in top cap. WEIGHT: 2 lbs. 3 oz. SIZES: Pro COLORS: Matte Black MSRP: $129.99


Crupi 2016 Race

SPECS: Crupi’s new line of 2015 frames are all new and feature custom butted tubing on the top and down tubes, which not only make the frames stiffer and stronger, but lighter as well.  Still hand crafted in California!  Our Factory Team feels they are best riding Crupi frames we’ve ever produced!  The new graphics are our best ever and we offer custom frame graphics (for an extra fee) where you can add your name, number and country flag if you like.  WEIGHT: 3.5 lbs. SIZES: 15 available sizes from Micro Mini-Pro XXL and Mini Cruiser-Pro XL cruiser. COLORS: Black, Neon Yellow and White. Various colored decals also available. MSRP: $599.99 (Available in May 2015)



SPECS: 6061 Aluminum, Integrated headset and Euro bottom bracket. WEIGHT: 2.2-3.5 pounds SIZES: 9 sizes ranging from mini to Pro XXL, including Cruiser and Cruiser XL COLORS: 8 standard colors and 10 candy colors for an additional $75. MSRP: $449.00


DK Professional Race

SPECS: SPF formed 7005 series aluminum, Trapezoidal seat mast for stiffer BB, Tapered stys with hourglass bridge and 20mm dropouts.  WEIGHT: 3lbs. 8 oz. (XL) SIZES: Expert XL-Pro XXXL and Pro Cruiser COLORS: Black, Flo Yellow, Hot Pink and Metallic Orange MSRP: $379-$399.00


DK RT fork

DESCRIPTION: Made to be comfortable at the trails and the racetrack, this fork has been a long-standing classic. It is designed to be weight competitive with many of the carbon forks on the market, but utilizes the strength of steel. WEIGHT: 27.6-29 oz.  SIZES: Pro and Pro 24 COLORS: Black and White
MSRP: $99.99


Elevn Pro Lite fork

DESCRIPTION: 4130 heat-treated chromoly.  WEIGHT: 29.7 oz. SIZES: Mini/Junior, Expert, Pro and Pro 24 COLORS: Black and White MSRP: $134.99-$159.99


Extreme Race

SIZES: Mini-Pro XXL  COLORS: Black, White, Orange, Candy Purple, Candy Blue and Hi-Viz Yellow.
MSRP: $479.99


Free Agent Team Limo

SPECS: Ride like the rest of the Free Agent Factory Team on these one of a kind completes that will get you to the top of the podium! WEIGHT: Varies SIZES: Micro-Pro COLORS: Team Red/White
MSRP: $939-$1099.00 


FTB Elite frame  

WEIGHT: Unavailable  SIZES: Elite Pro- Elite Pro XXL and Elite Pro XL and XXL Cruisers. COLORS: Silver, Black and Blue    MSRP: $397.75


GHP Race  

SPECS: 6061-T6 hydro formed tubing, reinforced head tube gusset, CNC precision machined integrated head tube, Euro BB and CNC machined rear dropouts.   WEIGHT: 3 lbs. 6 oz. SIZES: Mini-Pro XXL and Junior-Pro XL Cruiser COLORS: Black/White and Polished
MSRP: $359.00 


GT Carbon Speed

SPECS: GT Carbon Speed Series BMX Full Carbon Race Design, Internal Quick Release Seat Clamp Wedge, CNC/Forged Quick Changed Dropout System, BB30, Taper 1-1/8”-1.5” Integrated H/T. WEIGHT: 3.25 lbs w/included GT Carbon Speed Fork SIZES: Pro-ProXXL COLORS: Raw Carbon/Gloss Black
MSRP: $1,410.00 


GT Aluminum Speed Series

SPECS: Speed Series BMX Race Design, Alloy Hydro Formed and Butted Speed Metal Tubes, Internal Quick Release Seat Clamp Wedge, AL CNC/Forged Quick Change Dropout System Fits 15/10mm Axle, BB30, Taper 1-1/8”-1-1/2” Integrated H/T, and Wrapped C/S Brace. WEIGHT: 3 lbs. 4 oz. SIZES: Mini-Pro XL and a Pro Cruiser COLORS: Matte Black
MSRP: $490.00


Haro Blackout PTC  

SPECS: 7005 series alloy frame with Power Transfer Case, Air-formed triple-butted top tube, oversized triple-butted down tube, Integrated head tube and BB86 BB shell. WEIGHT: 3 lbs. 7 oz.  SIZES: 5 different sizes from Pro-Pro XXXL COLORS: Matte Black
MSRP: $399.95


Haro Carbon

SPECS: Perfect blend of M30-S and T-700 carbon and a Press-fit BB92 BB. WEIGHT: 2.7 lbs (XL) SIZES: Pro, Pro XL and Pro XXL  COLORS: Matte Black and Matte White
MSRP: $1,318.99


Hyper Mission 1

SPECS: 6061 Aluminum, Double Butted, Hydro-formed tubing, Integrated heasdset, V-Force 3D Dropouts and a Square Tube 6061 Rear Triangle  WEIGHT: 3 lbs. 10 oz.  SIZES: Pro, Pro XL, Pro XXL, Pro Cruiser, Pro Cruiser XL COLORS: Translucent Red, Translucent Blue, Black and Polished. Jet Fuel coming in May for additional $100.
MSRP: $399.99  


Kuwahara 2015 Race

SPECS: 6061-T6 Aluminum  WEIGHT: Unavailable  SIZES: Mini-Pro XXL and Pro Cruiser. COLORS: Black and Green/White fade.    MSRP: $350-$400.00


Lawman Deputy

SPECS: Unavailable WEIGHT: 3 lbs. 5 oz. SIZES: Mini-Pro XXL and Expert-Pro XL Cruisers. COLORS: Silver, Matte Black, Trans Red and Trans Blue MSRP: $399.99



SPECS: Made in the USA, 6061 double heat treated aluminum and dropouts featuring 2” adjustment for the perfect ride.  WEIGHT: 3lbs 8.2 oz  SIZES: Micro Mini-Pro XXL and Mini-Jr. Pro Cruisers. COLORS: Black and White with various colored sticker kits.  MSRP: $449.99


 Prophecy Scud Evo  

SPECS: 3K layer carbon frame, Aluminum Euro bottom bracket shell, Designed for 1-1/8” internal (semi-integrated) headset and 10mm (3/8”) dropouts with steel plates to protect the frame and create a sturdy surface to mount wheel. WEIGHT: 3.28 lbs. SIZES: Junior-Pro XXL COLORS: Black/Yellow, Black/Pink, Black/Blue and Black/Red
MSRP: $899.95


Redline Flight R7 alloy frame    

SPECS: Proprietary Redline formed R7 tubing, press-fit BB -86, Redline convertible dropouts and bell shaped seat tube make this the most technically advanced alloy frame on the market.  WEIGHT: 3 lbs. 6 oz. with BB86 and Quick Release clamp. (XL) SIZES: Micro-Pro XXL and Junior-Pro Cruisers. COLORS: Grey/Black MSRP: $449.00


Redline Flight Carbon

SPECS: Lightweight Redline Carbon Technolgy, Integrated head tube, press-fit BB86, Convertible dropouts enable the use of s/8” or 15mm thru, Integrated chain tensioners. WEIGHT: 3 lbs. with BB86 and Quick Release clamp. SIZES: Pro XL and Pro XXL COLORS: Black/Grey/Red
MSRP: $999.00


Redman Tomahawk 2 

SPECS: Made in the USA, 6061 Aluminum. WEIGHT: 3.37 lbs. SIZES: Micro-Pro XXL and Mini-Pro Cruiser COLORS: White, Blue, Red, Green and Orange
MSRP: $449.00


Rift RS20    

SPECS: 7005 Series Heat Treated Alloy, Hydroformed Top Tube, Butted Down Tube and Seat Tube, Wishbone Rear Triangle, Tapered Chain Stays, CNC Integrated Head Tube and BB and CNC 3D Dropouts. WEIGHT: 3 lbs. 2 oz.  SIZES: 5 available sizes from Expert-Pro XXL. Additional sizes coming later this year. COLORS: Black and White MSRP: $489.95


Rival Alloy Team    

SPECS: Super Plastic Forming Technique to produce triple-butted tubing, Power Stabilizing Delivery System, Tapered head tube and adjustable dropouts. WEIGHT: Unavailable SIZES: Pro-Pro XXXL and Pro Cruiser COLORS: Nuclear Yellow and Black
MSRP: $444.50 (USD)


S&M SpeedWagon  

SPECS: The 38 Special has been the industry-standard for Cro-Mo race frames since we brought it out in 2007. We’ve since, revolved, ahem, evolved it into our new-and-improved machine, the SPEEDWAGON. Lower stand-over height, increased size options, S-Bend chainstays and a shorter rear end, make the SPEEDWAGON the lightest and most responsive race frame we’ve ever made. Gentlemen, start your engines. WEIGHT: 4.17 lbs. SIZES: 20.5”,20.75”, 21”, 21.25”,21.5”,21.75”,22” including 21.5” and 22” cruisers. COLORS: Gloss Black, Trans Red and Chrome
MSRP: $399-449.99


S&M Race XLT fork  

DESCRIPTION: Double-butted 4130 chromoly, laser cut 3/8” dropouts, one piece CNC machined steer tube and 4Q baked heat treatment. WEIGHT: 1.89 lbs. SIZES: Pro and Pro 24 COLORS: Black, Chrome and White MSRP: $129.99-$139.99


SE PK Ripper Elite  

SPECS: Lightweight 6066 Aluminum, Bi-oval down tube for optimum stiffness, Internally machined head tube, direct weld stays to ensure power transfer to the rear of the frame, 3-D dropouts and included SE chain tensioners. WEIGHT: 3 lbs. 5 oz. SIZES: Pro, Pro XL, Pro XXL COLORS: Polished, White and Gold
MSRP: $259.00


The Shadow Conspiracy Captive II    

DESCRIPTION: Anti-Rust ED Coating, 6061 hard anodized alloy top-cap, 4130 chromoly with butted, oversized and tapered tubing and 100% heat treated. WEIGHT: 30.3 oz.  SIZES: Pro COLORS: Black, Copper and Chrome.     MSRP: $149.99-$159.99 (Dan’s Comp) 


Supercross SLT 20mm Chromoly Race fork  

DESCRIPTION: Traditional 1 1/8” steer tube, Seamless 4130 chromoly with a cold forged internally fluted steer tube and tapered and butted legs. Also available in 3/8” dropouts. WEIGHT: 27.5 oz. SIZES: Pro and Pro 24 COLORS: Gloss Black, White, Cyan Blue, Neon Yellow and LTD. Triple Plated Show Chrome.
MSRP: Starting at $139.00


Snafu Race fork

DESCRIPTION: constructed from heat-treated chromoly for maximum strength featuring a 1-pc machined and reinforced steer tube with integrated bearing race, alloy compression cap. WEIGHT: 28 oz.   SIZES: Pro and Pro 24 COLORS: Jet Fuel, Black and Chrome MSRP: $129.99-$169.99 


Speedline Elite Pro Race

DESCRIPTION: Traditional 1 1/8” steer tube, Full high-compaction Hi-Modulous carbon construction, 7000 series aluminum heat treated steer tube and an Integrated top cap. Also available in 20mm. WEIGHT: 20 oz.
SIZES: Mini/Junior and Pro Only. Pro 24 coming soon. COLORS: Clear Carbon or White MSRP: $269-$299.00 


Ssquared CEO V2    

SPECS: Bike of the Year 2 years running. Over 10 years of research, study, and tests have produced a frame built to meet the rapidly changing demands of BMX race equipment.  Ssquared Bicycles proudly brings you the “CEO”, a frame designed to deliver results.  All put together with Ssquared custom picked tubing makes for a light, stiff rear end. ! WEIGHT: 3.7 lbs. SIZES: Micro Mini-Pro XXL and Mini-Pro XXL Cruiser COLORS: Black, Blue, White, Red, Raw and Hi-Viz Yellow
MSRP: $449-$474.00


Staats Gran Premio  

SPECS: Constructed from 7005 series aluminum tubing for the perfect blend of strength, weight and rigidity. Integrated head tube with Staats logo, large external down tube gusset, Euro BB shell, integrated quick-release seat post clamp, Staats logo seat stay bridge, V-brake mounts, oval chainstays to increase rear end stiffness, 3/8” dropouts with Drop-slot technology and integrated chain adjusters. WEIGHT: 3 lbs. 12 oz.
SIZES: Mini-Pro XL and Junior-Pro XL Cruiser COLORS: Italian Red, Ciari Green, Spanish White, Ventura Yellow, French Blue, Belgian Black and Silver Arrow Polish.
MSRP: $400-$550.00


Standard Race fork

SPECS: CNC machined threaded steer tube with included compression cap, True Temper OX platinum tubing and 4130 chromoly dropouts. WEIGHT: 30 oz. Also available in 20mm. SIZES: Pro and Pro 24 COLORS: Black, Raw, Clear over Raw, Trans Red and Trans Blue
MSRP: $159.95


Standard 125-R frame

SPECS: The only BMX race frame to combine light weight, strength and race geometry into one package. The original 125 was the first to incorporate the threadless fork/stem combo. This frame pioneered the use of high-tech air hardened tubing.  WEIGHT: 3.8 lbs. SIZES: 20”, 20.5”, 20.75”, 21”, 21.25”, 21.5”, 21.75” and 22”. COLORS: Black, White, Clear over Raw, Trans Red and Trans Blue
MSRP: $429.00 


Stay Strong frame  

WEIGHT: Unavailable SIZES: Expert-Pro XXL and Pro Cruiser COLORS: Various MSRP: $399-$439.00


Subrosa Battle fork  

DESCRIPTION: 4130 chromoly with fluted, butted, oversized and tapered tubing to increase strength,  1 piece steer tube with cut lines, recessed threads and integrated race and an Anti-Ruse ED coating. WEIGHT:  36.2 oz. SIZES: Pro COLORS: Black and Chrome MSRP: $144.99-$159.99 (Dan’s Comp)


Supercross Envy Carbon    

SPECS: Full Torray Nano Alloy Carbon Fiber, Titanium Brake Posts and Dropout Scuff plates, Tapered 1 1/8” - 1.5 Head tube and Traditional Euro BB. WEIGHT: 2 lbs. 6 oz.   SIZES: Pro, Pro Plus, Pro XL and Pro XXL. Junior sizes coming summer 2015. COLORS: Carbon w/ Cyan Blue and White, or Carbon with Red and Silver. MSRP: $1195.95


Supercross Envy V5

SPECS: Full 7005 Taperwall ULR Ultralight Race Tubing, making it one of the lightest aluminum production race frames in the world! WEIGHT: 2 lbs. 13 oz. (Polished) SIZES: 12 different 20” sizes and 5 cruiser sizes. COLORS: Stock Colors – Gloss Black, Pearl White, Cyan Blue, Fire, Lime, Hi Vis Yellow, Neon Pink, Guards Red and Mirror Polish MSRP: $579.95


Supercross SLT Carbon  

DESCRIPTION: Features a 1 1/8” tapered steer tube, Full Carbon construction, Integrated top cap and 20mm to 3/8” adapters. WEIGHT:  19.8 oz. SIZES: Pro COLORS: Gloss Carbon / Cyan Blue, Gloss Carbon / Silver, White/ Cyan, White/Red and new Gloss Carbon / Black  MSRP: $399.00


Tangent Baked Chromo Race  

DESCRIPTION: Aircraft grade Chromoly, Machined tapered steer tube with cap threading, Internal fluted and tapered fork legs, 15mm additional steer tube length for stem adjustability, Laser cut dropout and logos and Aluminum compression cap. Available in both 10 and 20mm. WEIGHT: 32 oz.  SIZES: Pro COLORS: Black and White MSRP: $159.95


Truth BMX Main Event

SPECS: 6061–T6 Aluminum, CNC machined integrated head tube, CNC machined euro bottom bracket, reinforced head tube gussets, hydro formed and butted tubing, cable guides 3-D forged dropouts and 100% heat treated.  WEIGHT: Unavailable SIZES: Mini-Pro XL Cruiser COLORS: Red, Black, White and Blue.
MSRP: $399.00


Turbo Race      

SPECS: 7000 Series double-butted heat-treated aluminum tubing with race proven geometry, Specially shaped hourglass head tube with extra reinforced head tube gussets for added strength and oversized down tubes.  WEIGHT: 3 lbs. 1 oz. (XL) SIZES: Expert-Pro XXL and Pro Cruiser. COLORS: Turbo Red, Skyrocket Blue, Porsche Black, Hot Pursuit Pink and LTD. Maroon. MSRP: $330.00


Vendetta Race

SPECS: Made in the USA from 6061 aluminum, Heat treated, head tube and bottom bracket faced before shipping and hand-built in small batches to ensure perfection.  WEIGHT: Unavailable SIZES: Mini-Pro XXXL and Mini/Junior-Pro XL Cruiser COLORS: White, Black, Matte Black, Pearl Green, Purple, Crazy Red, Midnight Blue and Pink   MSRP: $299.00


YESS 2015 Race  

SPECS: Race proven geometry, Custom hydroformed tubing, CNC machined integrated head tube, bottom bracket and 15mm dropouts. WEIGHT: 3 lbs. 8 oz. SIZES: Mini-Pro XXXL and Pro-Pro XXL Cruiser COLORS: Black and White MSRP: $549.99

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