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Brian Blyther

Filed under Hall Of Fame on July 18, 2015 | Comment(s)

There are three words that sum up Brian Blyther: Smooth, and Big Air. Whether he was riding skateparks or halfpipes, Blyther was famous for flowing, almost effortless style. In the late 80′s, if you looked up “smooth” in the dictionary, there was a photo of Blyther and his Haro going big at the Pipeline. It was that trait that made him one of the most dominant riders on the AFA King of the Skateparks series, the AFA Masters and earned him the 2-Hip “King of Vert” champion in 1987 and 1988. Although best known for his aerial antics, Blyther is credited for inventing the standard foot-in-fork, jabbed tailwhip, which is a key element of riding to this day.

Constantly touring the World – being the quieter Haro hero, to Wilkerson’s wild-side, Brian put in enough air time to qualify for a pilot’s license. Hitting the road on tours for Vans, Huffy, Haro, Life’s A Beach, Swatch, Rad, the Movie, 2-Hip, GT, Giant, and on the Bercy Stadium Tour with Tony Hawk and Mat Hoffman. Then the Haro 25th Reunion Tour in Cologne Germany, and most recently – the 30th Reunion Tour of the Haro Freestyler in Cologne, Germany, Blyther has racked up plenty of frequent flier miles, both on the bike, and on the plane. To this day, Brian still rides, and is still idolized by vert riders and the freestyle community around the world.

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