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Frank Post

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Fran k Post

Frank was the original “Wildman,” and the original “Post” in our sport. Later came Todd Lyons and Alise, respectively. Frank became one of the most popular Pros in the late-70s, due to his supersonic speeds on the track, aggro racing style, and outspoken personality. Racing for Wes’ BMX, then Team Panda, he quickly made a name for himself on the UBR and ABA circuits.

Most impressively, Frank’s first ABA victory was at the 1980 Grands. He won the Grands again in 81; making him the first back-to-back Grands winner in BMX history. When it came to the big races, where the pressure is most intense, and riders are prone to choking, Post excelled like no other. Winner of Pro Trophy at the Jag World Championships, Mongoose/GNC International champion and UBR #1 Pro in 1979, the Wildman knew when to step things up, and came out on top more often than not. Finishing up his career with Kuwahara, then Boss, Frank left some mighty big footprints, around the country, and in our sport, setting the tone for all Northern California racers to follow.

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