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Terry Tenette

Filed under Hall Of Fame on April 18, 2016 | Comment(s)

With a "thumbs-up" pose every time a camera was pointed his direction, Terry Tenette became well known for his trademark styles and moves. Known by all as "Mr. T," the San Jose native brought a full-pull wheelie-the-entire-track style to racing. In fact, he might even be credited for inventing the term "pull." 
Another Tenette trademark was running an extremely long 40-inch axle-to-axle wheelbase, to match his racing style. From running big gears with a sprocket protector, to wearing a weight belt, along with bringing back the long lost Nor.Cal. pride to 80's and 90's BMX, Terry was one of the most colorful characters in the sport. 

After turning Pro in 1987, Mr. T went on to win three consecutive NBL National No.1 Pro titles (1990, 1991, 1992 - the only NBL Pro to do so), and followed it up with a 1993 National No.1 Pro Cruiser Championship in ABA. Retiring from pro competition after 10 years, Terry had tallied up 90 AA-pro mains - scoring 11 wins out of his 25 podiums. But it would not be the last time the cycling world would hear his name - as Mr.T would go on to race track bikes in velodromes and compete in cyclo-cross events; as well as race downhill and slalom mountain bikes, earning World Cup results in all events. 
There is no question that Terry Tenette is one impressive, well-rounded cyclist! 

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