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Ronnie Anderson

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Ronnie Anderson became the ABA National #1 PRO in 1985. He also became UBR #1 PRO in 1981 at the young age of 16. Brother to BMX Hall of Famer, Richie Anderson. Ronnie is the older of what was one of the most potent sibling combinations that BMX has ever seen. Only the Patterson brothers, Brent and Brian had more BMX titles between them. Ronnie is said to be one of the most talented racers BMX has ever seen, and is known for his flashy moves, and jumping antics on the track earning him the nickname "Crazy Ronnie". Ronnie was the master of the head games in the PRO ranks. For example, he is the only Pro to hold the gate, get off his bike and walk in front of each guy pointing at them, saying "I’m going to beat you, I’m going to beat you, I’m going to beat you...etc." and then go on to win the race just as he predicted. Throughout his BMX career, Ronnie has ridden for Boss, Zeronine, Hardees, Peddlepower, and Rad Rap. He is currently living in Northern California, has sons that race BMX, and he has even been track operator of an ABA track. He also recorded a RAP CD with a song for the race fans aptly named “The Gate”. “Crazy” Ronnie can still be seen at ABA BMX events.


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