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Not that our build-crew needs any help - but we thought it’d be a cool idea to let YOU - the USA BMX members, provide us with some input on what jumps you'd like to see placed = and where, on this years GRANDS track!

As you can see in these images above and below - we’ve got the layout finalized. All YOU need to do is add jumps. You can download a PDF of the layout from the "CLICK HERE" link below, draw in your jumps and either send your entry in by snail-mail or E-mail.

PRIZE: A docking station from JBL; the official sound system of USA BMX, will be awarded to the best submission - as decided by our judges (and track builders). If an entrant’s jump suggestion is actually used on the Grands track, that particular obstacle will be named after the rider - and announced as that throughout the Grands weekend.

RULES: Contest is open to all USA BMX members and their family. USA BMX employees and their family are not eligible for the prize. You may enter more than once. Track suggestions must be submitted on the “blank” PDF forms provided by USA BMX on the website.
USA BMX does not guarantee that your Jump Suggestion will be used, but all entries will be considered. In the likely chance that entrrants will submit/suggest the same or very similar obstacles, our judges will pick the one they deem to be “best.”

HOW TO SUBMIT ENTRIES: All drawings can be sent to USA BMX by mail or E-mail a .jpeg or .png of your entry to:  contest@usabmx.com
Photos taken of your entry are OK.
Send to: USA BMX attn: Grands Track Suggestion Contest,
              1645 W. Sunrise, Gilbert, AZ 85233. 

DEADLINE: Track Design suggestions need to be received at USA BMX HQ on Saturday November 3rd, 2012. The winner will be announced prior to the USA BMX Grands.

To download the PDF of the layout - CLICK HERE.

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