A sneak peak at Black Mountain BMX track

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A sneak peak at the newly revamped Black Mountain BMX track. All ready for the 2013 Winternationals. This years' track is comparable to a Nascar super speedway ...without the restrictor plates. With every top-Elite pro from around the World in attendance, that high-banked first turn and the five tight ones that follow it, is going to make the action in every single main event awesome to watch, from no matter where you are sitting.

Image Gallery

  • Blackmt_pano_sm_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • Track5-sm_mxw60_mxh60_e1
  • Track3-sm_mxw60_mxh60_e1
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  • Track1-sm_mxw60_mxh60_e1
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