Got home from Rhinelander and took off again on Wednesday night to head towards Missouri. Stopped at Worlds of Fun on Thursday and spent the day as a family on rides in the 100 degree heat. It was so hot out! Got to check out the track at Raytown BMX at an open practice on Thursday night. Races didn't start until later on Friday so we had time to hang out with our BMX family from MN/WI (Dais' and Gerkes). Total points race Friday night and my buddy Connor McGrath took first and I took second. Saturday was the National race and we had 6 riders in our event. I made the mains in the second moto. Gearing up for the main and I was ready to ride hard. As we entered the first turn, 2 of the top riders crashed, including Connor. I raced hard to the end and ended up 2nd place. I was thrilled with that, but bummed out about Connor getting hurt. Turns out he bruised some ribs. Sunday we had 5 in our moto. I had a bad gate in the main and came out behind the pack. I raced hard to try to get into 3rd. Coming out of the last turn, I was close to passing and  the other rider and I got tangled up and ended up off the track. I hit a metal pole and couldn't get up for a minute or two. I ended up finishing the race in 4th. Overall it was a good weekend. Lots of wrecks and crashes at this track so I am grateful to be in one piece.