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    2020 Factory Team Preview

    By the looks of things, the year 2020 could very well be one of the most hotly-contested Factory team chases we've ever seen. To kick off the "#Soaring20's, we thought it'd be a good time to introduce you to the top contending teams in BMX, and to meet some of their franchise players.

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    Meet your 2019 BMX Hall of Fame Inductees

    The entire BMX World is super excited for the 2019 Hall of Fame Ceremony, which will once again take place in Chula Vista, California - at the Elite Athlete Training Center, on Saturday night - October 5th. We hope to see you there!

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    At Home with Connor Fields

    “Funny story - so, the Monday after Grands last year, I had a test. And I’m sitting in class that morning, thinking, how nobody knew I had just won the USA BMX title. Nobody knew what I’d just done that weekend. It was like the ultimate slap in the face of reality. Nobody knew about the big checks, me being up on stage, me winning the silver cup. Instead, it’s like ‘Bring out your No.2 pencils.’ I was straight back to reality.”

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    National Number 1 Am - Brandon Crain - The Birdman

    Becoming the No.1 Amateur in USA BMX (ABA) doesn’t come easy. Never has. Never will. Like so many before him, and predictably all of those No.1 Champs in the future, it’s a long climb to the top of the BMX ladder, and it all starts off with a love for riding a bike.

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    Rhythm - Ronnie Kim

    The SoCal city of Corona has quite a history with the sport of BMX - as it was once home to the World’s gnarliest and most legendary downhill tracks. Plenty of BMX Hall of Famers - like Stu Thomsen, Kevin McNeal, and Eric Carter have also called it home. But today, in modern-day BMX, Corona’s biggest BMX connection is 12-year-old RONNIE KIM.

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    2018 Silver Dollar Nationals Race Report

    The 2018 season is off to a fast start with some amazing racing at the South Point Arena in Las Vegas.

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    The 2017 Golden Crank Awards - RESULTS

    Who are the Top-5 Golden Crank nominees? ...and better yet, who WON 'em? Check it all out right here.

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    Pull Magazine is now available on virtually every digital platform

    You've asked for it and it is finally here! Pull Magazine is now available on virtually every electronic platform in existence. We have joined forces with Magzter Digital Newsstand to bring the magazine to your digital fingertips.

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    2014 USA BMX Spring Nationals Pre Show

    Check out the insight given by veteran AA Pro's Donny Robinson and Tyler Brown, from Albuquerque New Mexico.

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    2014 USA BMX Dixieland Nationals Pre Show

    Pro series Pre Show hosts Donny Robinson and Tyler Brown chat about the latest USA BMX Elite scoop - with special guests appearances with Amanda Carr, Maliek Byndloss and "T-Bone" Tanner Sebesta.