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Drew Motley

Filed under National Champions on December 20, 2016 | Comment(s)

Coming into this weekend's greatest race on earth, we knew it would be a showdown between the younger rider and the "old farts." With 41 riders in 9under cruiser, they had good rider count, but compared to 51 riders in the 46 to 50 class, Florida's points-leader Drew Motley held the advantage.
Answer-Rennen's dominant nine year old, Marshall Gehrke, who was sitting number two in points did everything he could to win the Cup. With a start-to-finish win, all the way from gate eight - he'd just have to wait until 46-50 cruiser and cheer for anybody other than Motley.

Drew Motley started from lane seven and the intensity built when USA BMX president B.A. Anderson announced the usual line: "With the win, and only a win, Drew could become the new national number one cruiser champ."
As the gate slammed down, Motley didn't get the best start of his life, and as expected - holeshot artist Eric Sweets did. Coming out of the first turn, Sweets held the lead but Motley and his belt-driven Yess cruiser pulled up alongside him on the outside - and then proceeded to pass Eric like he was standing still. Out of the Tulsa turn, Drew had five bike lead. By the last turn, Motley won with an easy seven or eight bike length lead.

Crossing the line, the celebration began with hugs and high-fives all around. Motley had just made history - being the first National No.1 Champion to win the title without a chain.
WHAT?! you might be asking. How'd he win without a chain?!
Well, you see - Motley's Yess bike is one of the new-wave BMX frames that utilizes a Gates belt-drive system. It's smooth, it's super quiet and it does seem to provide a more instant engagement to power.

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