Want to know who was the very best in BMX for any given year? Yup, this is the place to come.


  • No.1 Pro - Joris Daudet | 2018, Pro


    There is no question that Frenchman Joris Daudet had an amazing year - by the end of November, he finished off 2018 making 24 USA BMX mains. Of those 24 mains, he won 16 of ‘em and stood on the podium 20 times - which puts amongst the Greatest in the win-to-main ratio.

  • No.1 Woman Pro - Alise Willoughby | 2018, Women Pro


    While it was her first No.1 Pro title as a Willoughby, it still counts as her eleventh National Championship as Alise “The Beast.” With this being the 20th Anniversary of the Womens Pro class, she now owns seven of those years after winning every single USA BMX Pro main she raced. 22 races, 22 mains, 22 wins!

  • No.1 Vet Pro - Tyler Brown | 2018, Vet Pro


    Mid-season, we saw DK-316’s Tyler Brown turn Vet, just days after his 33rd Birthday. Being late to the season, there were just enough Vet races remaining to get in his required scores; but only if he won 95% of them. Which he did. By becoming the 2018 No.1 Vet Pro, Tyler, who is the TO at Chula Vista BMX in San Diego, put a lock on his unofficial title of “World’s Fastest Track Operator.”

  • No.1 Amateur - Ronnie Kim | 2018, Amateur


    Under the training of Richie Anderson, the 12 year old Kim repped Box strong all season long, scoring 19 wins on his 20” Thrill, and 10 wins on his cruiser. In fact, he (much like training partner Danica), didn’t lose a single race all year long - and tripled about as many times as you blink in a day.

  • No.1 Girl - Payton Ridenour | 2018, Girl


    Usually a sure-thing for a ROC win, Payton was up against the fastest gals in the ultra-tough 15-16 ranks. Nobody she hadn’t ever best before, but this time - everything was on the line. Leading it from start to finish, Ridenour rode the perfect lap to cap off a perfect year.

  • No.1 Cruiser - Hayden Passanisi | 2018, Cruiser


    J&R’s Hayden Passanisi had dominated the 8 & Under cruiser ranks throughout 2018, and had positioned himself at the top of the Cruiser point standings going into the Grands. As expected, Passanisi won his main, but the Cup wouldn’t be his until the outcome of 41-45 cruiser was decided.

  • No.1 Girl Cruiser - Danica Anderson | 2018, Girl Cruiser


    With more triples than any other girl in BMX history, Danica led points coming into Tulsa and did exactly what she’s done all year long: WIN. In doing so, the girl known as the "Lil' Avalanche" became the first 2nd-generation No.1 Champ in BMX history.

  • No.1 Factory Team - Full Tilt Racing | 2018, Factory Team


    In their first year aboard the new Radio bike brand, the Minnesota-based squad won their second silver Cup; only this time - it’s for FACTORY!

  • No.1 Bike Shop Team: J&R Bicycles | 2018, Bike Shop Team


    After dominating the Bike Shop ranks from 2010 to 2015, and then giving it a go in the Factory division, J&R decided to re-group in 2018 and return to what they do best -winning Bike Shop titles.